Winter's Veil Challenge!

Now that Winter's Veil is upon us, it's time to dust off our old holiday recipes! Those of you who haven't been playing long may not have the Winter's Veil recipes, so now is the time to grab them. As the days pass the recipes that come from Greatfather Winter's gift packages will start to flood the auction houses. So resist the temptation to overpay for something, you'll be amazed at how cheap they get by New Year's!

For recipe collectors, this is a rare opporunity to test your mettle. In the past, we've explored the feasibility of purchasing the Winter Outfit from the opposite faction so your Tailor can make both colors of the awesome winter set. I did this run back in 2007 and wrote a couple of posts about my adventures. I highly encourage you to read Smells Like Green Spirit and The Mage Takes The Cheese for tips on how to do this. Lowbies can also do this, so don't be intimidated!

Here are a few fast tips for the impatient:
  • Use the Wondervolt Machine in your home city to disguise yourself before you head out!
  • Make sure you ride a faction-neutral mount within Horde zones
  • Pick up some Invisibility Potions or Free Action Potions just in case
  • Embark on your expedition during off-peak hours to minimize interference
  • Choose a less populated city such as Exodar or Silvermoon
  • If you die, corpse-rez on top of the vendor to avoid visual detection.

Good luck and make sure you come back and tell us about about it after you collect the prize!

UPDATE: Our friend Raxx has discovered that there is a Goblin vendor in Shattrath City who sells the Green Holiday outfit to both factions. This doesn't help Horde players, but Alliance can get their hands on the Horde recipe quite easily this way :)


  1. 2 Things worth noting here:

    1) Flying mounts make it a ton easier than previous years. Less corpse running is win!

    2) The Orb of Deception will alter your appearance to appear as the opposing faction, but it still keeps you red and flagged to opposing players and guards. Dumb IMO, cuz if I look like a night elf, then why are the guards attacking me? Just a fair warning.

    This may make you some gold this holiday, but with proper planning you will make a ton more NEXT year.

    Since I already had the opposing faction color, I was able to craft and post these the Eve of the patch and sold a fair chunk of them for 200 gold each with zero competition. Just a few days in and the prices are down as more tailors get the patterns. So do it now and don't forget for next Winter's Veil.

  2. Thanks for the tips Cold! I really expect this to be a fairly easy project this year, now we can fly in classic cities. I suspect most players were too focused on enjoying Cataclysm last December to really do much of the Winter Veil activities.

    I appreciate you giving us the heads-up on the market value of having both patterns. I assume that mostly completionists will try this, but it's good to know that it actually has a goblin value as well :)

  3. I went an got the pattern from Ironforge this year having never bothered in previous years.

    With flying mounts as Cold said the whole thing was a doddle. I flew in over all the guards and landed on top of the vendor, bought the pattern and started running back out before anyone knew I was there.

    Obviously I then got the living kicked out of my by a million players, but I had the pattern so I didn't care :)

  4. Gratz on the pattern - I assume it was worth the pain of the face-smashing you received? ;)

  5. I tried to grab the green suit recipe but was unable to open a vender box in Orgrimmar?

    Any suggestions?

  6. Reg: The goblin vendors in Orgrimmar are neutral, but you should be sure you've selected the correct one. If you want to be certain you know what to do, log in on a Horde alt and verify the recipe location first. Then you'll know exactly who to purchase from. Good luck!

  7. I've seen some posts about using a macro to make it work faster. Also if you can do it in off hours or have guilds to distract the other players.

    I pulled this from wow head:
    /target Penney Copperpinch
    /script SetRaidTarget("target", 4)
    And I keybound the Interact with target key. this really helped alot but I was doing my hunt in IF (for the Horde and all that). The principle is the same though.


  8. Can't see yo get this suit. I am able to open a vend window but the guards kill me before I can buy it

  9. That's the challenge part - you have to grab the recipe before Horde players or guards attack you. One way to avoid attack is to try a different city. The guards have different patrol patterns depending on what city you visit.

  10. Is there a way to keep the guards off of you for about 5 secs or so? I wait for the coast to be clear and rez but the guards are on top of me instantly. I am using a lvl 70 night elf druid.

  11. As a druid you can use cyclone to pick off one of them. Or try Shadowmelding when they get to you, wait for them to leave and then pop out to buy you a bit more time. You can also use barkskin before they start hitting you to reduce the damage you take and allow you to live longer. If you're really fragile, perhaps bear form would help you live longer, it can also be combined with barkskin. And since you can fly, try hovering above the vendor instead of popping to the ground. It's possible that the walking patrols won't aggro you if you're in the air. You can experiment with that before doing the bear option.