Random 4.3 Factoids & Undocumented Changes

The number of fragments dropped from Archaeology artifacts has been increased, you can now get 5-9 fragments instead of the 3-6 you've gotten in the past.

Seeing dig sites on the mini-map is very helpful for navigating around the borders of a dig area.

Profession quests at the Darkmoon Faire appear to require a skill level of 75 according to posters on Wowhead.

Those who fish can find a new (and awesome!) Sea Pony from the waters at the new Darkmoon Faire! Visit El's Anglin to learn more about it.

The rare Burning Crusade enchant Executioner is now available in unlimited quantities from Dealer Jadyan at the Stormspire (Netherstorm). Previously this recipe dropped in the now defunct Zul'Aman raid.

Some classic vanilla recipes that required unusual ingredients (such as silithid chitins and copper modulators) were changed to use more common items. Make sure you double check older recipes before purchasing materials.

Dungeon quests in Outland have been reset. If you need a transmog item from one of those quests, you can repeat them to get it. A good example is the quest War on the Ramparts, which rewards a plate shoulder item that matches very nicely with the Fel Iron Plate set.

Feel free to share anything new you've found this week in the Comments!


  1. Greater Celestial Essences can now proc from Bountiful Bags when disenchanting. :D

  2. Enchant Shield - Block and Enchant Shield - Lesser Block have had their names changed to Enchant Shield - Parry and Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry; no word on their drop rates yet.

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  4. Is it me or did they seriously nerf the time it takes to transmute rare gems this patch?

  5. Thanks for this post and to Faid for pointing out the Bountiful Bag proccing of Greater Celestial Essences, I thought I was going mad when I saw them.

    Still a lot of missing recipes though, I particularly would like Lavaforged Warhammer for transmogging.

  6. I would love to see all the old specialization items from Smithing get back into the game. Strangely my LW knows patterns from specializations she never had, but my BS only knows the original specialty items she learned back in BC. It would be awesome if I could make some of the other items. Even better if they were BOE so I could sell them to other players for mogging.

  7. The reset of BC instance quest is also a boost for reputation. You can re-done these quests in case you obtain more rep.

  8. I haven't been able to locate the pattern [Black Silk Vest] yet. Anyone else have any luck with this item? Is it even really in the game yet?