How Has Transmogrification Affected Your Sales?

We're almost two weeks into the newest patch and the frenzy seems to be settling down a bit. I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a blast with the new mogging functionality! And not just as a player, but as a crafter too. Even though I did a series of posts on some of the special items that crafters can make, I'm really having fun exploring the new market and finding great items to sell. If you've been focusing on end-game gear and consumables, consider dabbling in "classic" items for transmoggers too.

The surprise hit for me has been the Blazing Rapier. I literally cannot make enough of these, the vast majority never make it past the first posting. Obviously I don't flood the market, I only sell one at time (and wait until that sells before listing another). Even with my conservative listings I just can't keep these in stock for more than a couple of days. My biggest bottleneck is restocking the mats for it.

Another terrific seller is the Imperial Plate set. As far as I'm concerned, I basically created this market on my server. The first week I was the only person posting items, but this week I'm seeing a few others jump into the game. Luckily they are sticking with the same general pricing that I've been using. The great part about this set is that you can set a significant markup on the items. The mats for each piece run about 20g and I am consistently selling them for 200g each. For me the best strategy is to post in full sets, I notice the sales go more quickly when you have all six pieces ready to buy. The couple of times I've listed just one or two, they were generally ignored. And don't worry if another person posts a flood of onesies on the auction for cheap, just list the other pieces. People will still pay full price for the slots they need to get the look. Another set I've just started testing out is the Thorium gear. I've already sold a couple of sets, this may be worth trying as well.

By far the strongest markets are in plate gear, cloth gear and weaponry. So far I've sold 8 Blazing Rapiers, 4 Fel Iron Greatswords, 2 Phantom Blades, 6 Imperial Plate sets and 2 Fel Iron Plate sets. This is just with modest crafting and posting efforts, I spend maybe an hour a day across 5 different crafting toons.

My Tailor has also been getting some great action with transmog, the appetite for robes is practically insatiable. At first I focused on the Mooncloth Robe and I've sold a handful of them (the golden pearls are a pain to keep in stock). But after seeing how picked over the cloth listings have been every day, I expanded into Crimson Silk and Black Mageweave sets. Strangely, I see lots of folks posting the BM Robe but less action on the BM Vest (seriously, this is just sad). Speaking of sad - don't forget cloaks! I've already sold 3 Cloaks of the Black Void that were just languishing in the bank because they're an awesome solid black with gold trim. Perfect for a rogue or death knight going for that dark and broody with a touch of class look :)

The main disappointments I've had so far are with the epic Burning Crusade cloth sets and Leatheworking in general. My Tailor made a full set of Primal Mooncloth and the key pieces from the Frozen Shadoweave. It took me about a week to finally sell the Primal Mooncloth set, so these items are slow movers. Admittedly, I'm charging 2000g per piece, but it took me two months to collect all the dang primals, so I think that's reasonable :P With my Leatherworker, I made four sets of Black Dragonscale and I've only moved two of them. For such an iconic set it doesn't seem to get much action. My other leather items have been even harder to offload. On top of that, Leatherworking doesn't have much to offer in the way of eye-catching goods. So I've given up on transmog leather and I'm focusing on leather PVP gear instead.

In addition to crafting, I'm also flipping. When it comes to cloth robes I'll buy anything under 10g that has nice artwork. Then I relist them for 99 gold each, occasionally I drop it to 49g for a really low-end item. For plate, I have a list of about a dozen sets that I pick up any piece I see at a low price. I've got MogIt installed, so I can also browse the listings and snatch anything I spot with appealing artwork. MogIt creates a pop-up image on every item you mouse over, so it's really quick to "window shop". This gives you a serious advantage over other shoppers since they aren't likely to click every piece in their searches.

The really fun part of selling gear for transmog is when you browse the listings and half of the lowbie gear for sale is yours. I'm having a blast dominating this market :) And this is one of the few times when my packrat ways have paid off. I've been collecting gear since the transmog feature was announced. Every time I farmed a dungeon to get classic armor for my girls, I saved the pretty items instead of vendoring them. Because my rogue had to run dozens of BC dungeons to collect her Outland Bloodfang set, my banks and mailboxes were overflowing with gear by the time the patch dropped.

By far the most awesome part of transmog is when you see another player walking around in the gear you made. I've already seen a couple of priests in my Mooncloth Robes. Now maybe they made that robe themselves, but I'm the only seller listed on TUJ so I'll hog the credit :) Go forth people and wear my wares!


  1. I am also having a blast selling greenies and crafted gear.

    My experience has been quite good with the Black Dragonscale sets, and I single handedly made the scale themselves jump to 80-120g a piece (!).

    So far I have made over 30K gold selling just green sets, crafted sets and specific blue items I was collecting since mogging was announced (like you did). All the unusual looking or eye catching gear goes very well, as well as distinctive sets - head pieces especially.

    The worst sellers for me are weapons, and that was a huge disappointment, but then, on the other hand, I didn't invest that much into them anyway.

  2. About a month or so before Transmogrification hit I tried a little experiment. I decided I was going to concentrate on green named gear only. I was going to use gear I got as drops in dungeons (while I farmed certain pieces of gear for my toons) as well as stuff off the AH. I was not going to do any crafting at all.

    I set price points of 5g per every ten levels of gear. Levels 1-19 was my beginning price point of 5g. Every ten levels from there on out went up 5g (20-29=10g, 30-39=15g, and so on). I then bought out the AH and relisted everything under my new price points.

    My initial cost was just over 10k. I made that back within about 3 weeks. Every week/week and a half I do the same. I buy out all gear (not weapons) under my price points and relist them. Once Transmoggin' hit I made boat loads, and continue to do so. Even though I spend a fair amount purchasing gear, I've yet to finish a week in the red. For example, in the last 30 days I've made a little over 78k.

    If I come across an item that is pretty cool looking (Bard's Tunic for example) I list it pretty high. I have sold two Bard's Tunics for 200g each. Weapons are a bit trickier and I pretty much just look for cool looking ones for myself, for all 8 of my level 85s, and just horde them in one of my

  3. It sounds like you're doing what I've been doing, just on a larger scale. I only buy gear that I think looks good, I leave the plain/ugly stuff alone :) But as you mentioned, if something is particularly awesome looking I've been known to double or triple the cost on that item. Usually my hunches are spot on and the item sells same day.

    One thing that's very helpful to determine item rarity is the TUJ "Market Chart" and "Last Seen" data points. If the item you're trying to sell is rare, you can bump the price even more. I just picked up a robe last night that I had never seen before - the Ritual Shroud. Turns out this robe hasn't been seen on my realm for over three months and currently only four are available across all US realms. Plus it's a gorgeous red color with a very revealing bodice. I'm still deciding what I'll charge for it, but for sure it will be more than 99g.

  4. I had been thinking of only listing items that I thought looked "cool/pretty"...but holy cow do MANY players have way different tastes than I do. Many of the items I've sold have been ugly to me...but apparently someone out there likes them. :o)

    Many times things sell the same day I list them, but if I have an item that gets listed more than 3-4 times then I usually send it off to my enchanter to DE it and sell the raw mats.

    I use the TUJ addon for "rough" pricing ideas for the more rare items.