Update on Decision 2012: Mists of Pandaria

I'm so impressed with you guys voting in the poll, at this point we are over 100 votes cast! We're already seeing some great movement in terms of which ideas are more popular with the community. You can pop over to MisterPoll.com and see the current results if you haven't been keeping an eye on it. I'm also using the poll information to present a "Top Ten" list to Blizzard. At Blizzcon they invited players to post in the forums with their suggestions for Engineering. I've taken that one step further and created a post that covers all professions, based on the ideas you voted on. I'm hoping that by collecting all the ideas we had and voting on the ones we like best, we can incorporate a sense of priority of all the suggestions we had. This should give them some idea which items are most important to us. You can see the post I submitted on the Profession forums here:

By all means I encourage you guys to send in your own suggestions for professions. Blizzard won't know how important tradeskills are to us unless we get involved and share our ideas :)

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