Patch 4.3 Bring Tweaks to Auction House Display

I've been keeping an eye out for new recipes on the Test Realm through the Auction House and I spotted a nice little change that snuck in under the radar. It seems that the Devs have added the recipe skill level to the display of the list. Where "Level" used to be it now shows the skill requirement. Here's a pic I took of the new display:

This is a great change for me and I'm sure for many of you as well. Unfortunately the search options at the top are not yet supporting this new functionality and I'm not sure the necessary changes will make it into this build. But as far as I'm concerned, even being able to see and sort on that information is terrific.

Even better is that this new feature has made its way into some of the other auction categories as well. Here's a pic I took of the "Container" section:

You can see that in this category the information is shown for bag slots. These changes are also being used in the Consumable category, which now shows level requirements for each consumable. The Glyph section is also showing level requirements for glyphs. The gem section is showing level requirements for each type of gem, someone even gave Classic gems a level. Even the Miscellaneous section with the mounts and pets is using this new system.

Personally I think this is an awesome change and I'm glad to see the Devs making little quality of life tweaks like this. Modifications of this type tend to be overlooked, but they are a big deal when they aren't there. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to shop for enchants for my lower alts and it's impossible to swim through a sea of scrolls that are all marked "1". You pretty much have to search for each enchant by name, which means you have to find a web site to show you which enchants your toon can use. Definitely not user friendly.

I hope they manage to get the search options working before 5.0 drops. I guess that means I should get over to the PTR forums and let them know the filters don't work ;)


  1. Weeks of playing the PTR and I never noticed this. Thanks for pointing it out. I have to be more observant.

  2. Lol, I feel bad for not picking up on it more quickly myself. The only reason I even noticed the change is because I've been haunting the AH looking for the new raid drop recipes.

  3. Did anyone check if this feature plays nice with Auctioneer? (I am currently unable to check out the PTR myself)

  4. I would still like to see at least an option to show unit price (without having to use an addon).

  5. "Modifications of this type tend to be overlooked"

    Because they aren't the type of thing a developer can highlight on his/her resume.

  6. Lol, very cute Anon :P I'm hoping to encourage more effort in this area by recognizing the value of these smaller improvements in the game :) The auction house interface gets very little attention from the developers, despite the fact that it gets used by practically every player on a regular basis. It definitely needs some love and I hope they continue working on it.

    As to the compatibility with other add-ons, I really don't know. I don't use Auctioneer and I never copy my mods to the PTR unless I need to test TradeTrak for some reason. You can try posting on the Consortium forums and see if anyone there is on the PTR. It would probably help to have that tested by someone who actually uses Auctioneer and knows what to look for.

  7. This is awesome. Hopefully they have added the iLevel for armour pieces as this is ithe only reason I run Auctioneer and means I'll be able to get rid of it.

  8. Yes please. So much that could be done for the AH. I tend to notice it at endgame. I now want to look for iLevel 365+ epics on the AH but there is no way to avoid the 353s and 359 epics.


    EVE Online had an explicit group to deal with "quality of Life" issues. All those little things that will never make it to the top of the list but in the aggregate make it seem really really polished (e.g. most Apple stuff) or seem clunky and ackward.

    dev team dedicated to actively targeting the 'little things' - tasks that need to be addressed but invariably end up on the backburner in large-scale or long-term projects

  9. Addons and the PTR

    Absolutly completly BROKEN not usable at all !!

    Usable but not working right = Broken

    Latest release working just fine
    (works on both live and PTR thanks to great coding)

    lil sparkys = broke

    Anything useing libabacus = Broke
    Anything that divides by 0 = Broke
    Anything location based = Broke (like broker location)

  10. Kaliope, when you say that "The gem section is showing level requirements for each type of gem, someone even gave Classic gems a level", can you please confirm that WotLK gems are still usable by lower levels? I am hoping they did not get Cata-gems requirements.

    Thanks! :)

  11. The level requirements for blue WotLK gems are level 80 for rares and level 70 for uncommon gems.

  12. I think you mean the "level" for blue WotLK gems is 80. They still have no level requirements for use, at least according to wowhead.

    There was a change to the function that returns information about items on the AH, adding a new return value. That broke both the addon I use for JC as well as AuctionLite that I use for general posting. It was a simple enough change to accomodate the new variable - perhaps that's where they're passing back the slots or skill number.

  13. Correct - I was referring specifically to the "level" as displayed in the Auction House interface. I have no idea what the current requirements for the gem are, I didn't check that.