Gem Stacking Fixed in 4.3

I just got a tip from the Profession forums the other day indicating that gem stacking is working on the Test Realm. I logged in to check it out and sure enough! Gems are now stacking properly when you cut them :) I tried this on a couple of different cuts I had and made sure there was no room in my bags for gems to hide. It looks like one of our most popular Pandaria wishes has already come true!

I should test Alchemy as well, shouldn't I?


aaaannnd Living Elements still not stacking. I had a stack of Fire in my bag, did the transmute which made 14 Fire and proc'd 12 more fire. Each in a separate stack. Oh well.


  1. Yay for gems stacking properly! :D

  2. Hey Kaliope,
    I was wondering if you have any news regarding the costs related to switching Alchemy spec on the PTR. I found the following on and was wondering if it means having to do the quests every time you would want to switch specs..

  3. May I? BTW I have been a reader of your great blog for some time and I appreciate all the great info that is foudn here from you and your community. As far switching alchemy specializations go, the current method does not require the quests to be completed every time. You do have to complete the initial quest, and then gain your first specialization. After that, however, you have to visit the quest giver of your current specialization and pay them 150g to unlearn it. At that point, you then only have to go talk to the quest giver of the other specialization you want and without doing the quest or paying any more gold, they will bestow upon you the specialization that you seek from them. Hope this helped!

  4. I'll see what I can find out on this since I understand some changes have been made to this process. I kinda doubt that the quest has to be repeated. I'll probably have to push this item to next week. Tomorrow I'm starting my Star Wars gig and I plan to devote the next 3 days to that project =)

    I will keep this in the queue for next week's tasks though!