The DIVA Gets Her JEDI On!

That's right folks, this morning I got an invite to the SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Weekend Beta! I'm pretty darn excited, not because I love Star Wars but because I'll be able to bring you the scoop on crafting in a new and highly anticipated game =) I'm not sure how much information I can actually share while I'm testing, from what I'm reading the NDA is still in effect. If I'm not able to publish right away, I can still compile the information for you and have it ready to roll when the NDA drops or when SWTOR launches next month.

Since I'm not a huge Star Wars nut (I like SW but I'm not a weirdo about it) I thought I'd give you the opportunity to weigh in on how best to tackle the beast. I know that a lot of players are looking to roll a Jedi or a Sith. I currently don't have a preference on this. Normally when I try a new game, I roll a healer or healer-hybrid if they have one (like a druid). If that's not a viable option (say the healer class is a weak solo class) I will often take a pet class like a hunter. And sometimes I roll a rogue or similar stealth/melee class just because I like being sneaky. Now how any of this translates to SWTOR, I have no idea. But I'm open to suggestions since I'm sure some of you have endlessly researched the various classes being offered in SWTOR. From reading the overview information on the official site, I'm toying with the Jedi Consular (Sage) or the Smuggler (Scoundrel).

My main focus will not be the leveling game, so bear that in mind. Especially given the very short testing window I have, I'll only level as much as I have to in order to unlock crafting content. Usually in a test environment I take a gathering skill and a manufacturing skill, so I can be self-sufficient. Often trial accounts are locked out of mail and auction facilities, so autonomy is important. However, I see that the gathering skills in SWTOR are a bit unusual, there's only one that looks to be comparable to WoW's traditional gathering skills. If I take "Bioanalysis" I can collect genetic materials from creatures and plants. Otherwise they have Archaeology, Scavenging, and Slicing, which all appear to be variants on the scavenging concept.

For a Primary profession, my usual tactic is to take an armor skill that my chosen character can benefit from or weaponry. In SWTOR they seem to have two different armor skills (Armormech for heavy armor and Synthweaving for light armor), a gadgetry skill (Cybertech), an alchemy skill (Biochem). a weaponry skill (Armstech). and a jewelry(?) skill (Artifice). For a bit more detail on these options, you can read through the Crew Skills page, but there's not much detail here. I will pick up as many tradeskills as I can, and if what I'm hearing about the companion system pans out, that could be pretty extensive. We'll have to see how far I can get in two days.

I should also mention that I made a point to try out the old Star Wars Galaxies over the summer. I didn't play this game in its heyday, but after hearing that the servers were being shut down for good, I signed up for a trial to check it out. There was a lot to like about crafting in SWG despite the overall game feeling very dated. I loved that there were so many resources out there and no nodes for other players to steal. By letting players use a harvester object, we had a lot more control over the gathering process and no room for griefing. Also, they had dyes built right into the creation interface. Even as a lowbie, making lowbie crap, I was able to sell a good number of my wares because I would make each item in a variety of colors. This is a huge perk to those of us who love to craft. I didn't get to fully explore the crafting system as much as I would have liked, but I got just enough of a taste to have high expectations for SWTOR.

So feel free to chime in on which professions you'd like to know more about and any other crafting related questions you have. I'll do my best to tackle as much as I can during this Beta weekend. Just a reminder, even if I don't post right away it doesn't mean I'm not working on it!


  1. Yes! thank you! I assume you ordered the CE?

    I never did KOR or SWG, which I read good crafting reviews. I fear that crafting will not be that fleshed out at launch. But hope springs eternal, especially post-launch.

    I am thinking of BH: because I usually play good and want a change. It has an AC with caster DPS and healer. I suspect the best healers will be force users but could easily be wrong.

    You only get at most one crafting skill per character. I still don't know how much effort I can put into crafting: If I take some time out of leveling, can I craft better? Since companions go gather, I won't be flying around Uldam gathering crystals. But can I do anything to help my crafting? Or is crafting just to keep me occupied and someone who ignores it will be in about the same shape?

    But I have read very little about crafting and so eagerly await anything you can post!

  2. You will need one companion and you will be able to pick up 3 professions with him/her. You can get a companion at around level 7, I don't remember correctly. You are not actually leveling professions with your character, you send your companions to make/gather items or send her on missions. My point is that you can level your characher and send your companion to level your professions up at the same time, however the companions are pretty strong and help you to level faster. At least up to level 16, that was when I stopped playing. Oh and you can only pick up one crafting skill.

  3. Hagu: I did not order the CE but I did preorder the regular version. I also signed myself up for the Beta months ago, no clue which of those got me on the list.

    I did see that there's only one crafting skill per character plus one gathering skill and one "mission" skill. That's fine with me since I normally roll that way anyway.

    On the other hand, I have two kids at home who will likely beg to try out the game as well, I may be able to negotiate some leveling assistance with multiple toons and try out more professions that way. We'll see how things go over the two days.

    Would you guys rather I try to level one profession as high as I can or level more toons to check out additional professions?

  4. It seems they invited everyone who signed up for the beta testing. Both me and my wife got invited and we didn't do anything special for it (pre-order / play previous games / etc).

  5. Indeed seems like they are stress testing servers by inviting all beta test volunteers

  6. I read that also, but then I'm still seeing forum thread from folks who are upset that they still don't have an invite. So I'm not sure what the true situation is. I'm taking advantage tho :)

  7. Massively has keys avail for beta invites,


  8. Strangely enough, I got a second email from Bioware stating that I was being invited to another round of testing in the future. That email specifically stated that I should not accept or redeem any other testing codes from promotional sources or contests. So in a weird way I kind of expected there to be some beta key giveaways soon.

    It sure looks to me like they are upping the activity with beta testers. Anyone who hasn't tested yet and wants to should opt in and/or try to get a key from one of these promotional sources :)

  9. Not relevant to this post but...:
    Ive heard that the CD was removed on Dreamcloths, anything u can confirm? :)

  10. The CD is still in place on the PTR, I just tested it on my Tailor.