Epic Gems Show Up On 4.3 PTR

MMO-Champion has posted this evening that there is a new epic gem recipe vendor in Orgrimmar. I ventured out to Stormwind and sure enough, there's a new gal behind the daily quest lady. She has 51 new recipes to cut epic gems at a cost of 5 daily tokens. For just 4 daily tokens you can purchase a "tome" which will teach you a random recipe from her list. The tome functions much like the books of glyph mastery, in that you click it to scribe a new recipe to your book (it doesn't open up and give you an actual recipe).

Currently it would take 255 tokens to learn all of the epic recipes that are available. If you opted to go the random discovery route you could learn all of the recipes with only 204 tokens. I like that Blizzard has given us this option. If you just want to collect the recipes at your leisure, you can do it in less time.

There appears to be some new varieties of gems as well, not just upgrades of current flavors. This includes Crafty (Expertise/Crit), Champion (Strength/Dodge), Stalwart (Parry/Dodge), Wicked (Expertise/Haste), Energized (Haste/Spirit) and Misty (Spirit/Crit). I think most of these were used in previous expansions but were not retained for Cataclysm. I guess the designers have opted to bring a few back. Each gem has +25 of two stats or +50 of one stat.

Also, the gal in Stormwind is named Farrah Facet. Cute :)


  1. Once again, thank you very much.

    And you know our personalities: the number I wanted to know was 204.

    Does this system strike you as strange: there will be many, many people with any pattern on day one, no gating. But the raid-drop gems/no transmute mean the gems will take an expansion to get all your reds (image the poor alts!)

  2. Hagu: Naturally I made sure to include the hard facts so you guys can plan accordingly :)

    Personally this smells like a compromise solution to me. Ghostcrawler indicated that he wants epic gems to be rare and have some sense of exclusivity, but the angst from crafter/goblin community was about 9.5 on the QQ meter. It looks like the middle ground is giving out the recipes normally but gating the mats. I can live with that myself because I care more about the recipes than the revenue.

    It's an interesting scenario because pure crafter/collector types are given reasonable access, goblins are forced to be creative and "leet" raiders are forced to learn some patience. I gotta say I appreciate the elegance of this solution. I'm not a fan of the gold rush mentality that tends to sweep through when new content goes live. I'd prefer that the game be designed intelligently for all players, not just the first wave. I'm sure at some point they will make epic gems easier to acquire once they're no longer the new hotness.

  3. Why do I get it to 264 tokens needed to get ALL epic gems?
    According to this:
    there is 66 different epicgems that is craftable through jewelcrafting. Assuming you use tome that is 66 * 4 = 264
    Something Ive missed? :S

  4. Not sure, I counted 51 on the PTR, as did MMO-Champ when they first reported the recipes. I'll have to double check my information to see what has changed.