Decision 2012: Mists of Pandaria!

I've taken all the feedback from our "complaint" day and built a poll for you guys to vote on. I've included everything that was mentioned in the Comments except for some of the bug fix type items (I figure we don't need to vote on whether bugs need fixing!). So go and vote for the ideas that are most important for you. It's kind of a long list, but I hope you take the time to read through it. I've set it up so you can select as many ideas as you like.

Feel free to share this poll with other crafters, the more feedback we get from our community the better!

Thanks for participating!


  1. Nice poll, but I think I clicked a few to many, I want professions to be so much more.

    What I would like to see the most is the professions fells much more epic! In the last expansion I was done with tailoring in like a day or so and after that it was only dreamcloth to create. And that was it.. does that fell epic? No it doesn’t for sure :(

  2. Thanks so much for gathering all of this information. The ideas on the poll are outstanding and many I had never considered. Do you think Blizzard will see this?

  3. I voted in the Decision of the Century, but I only saw one Skinning choice. My biggest complaint and I'm beginning to think I'm the only one that has this complaint (I missed complaint day) is skinning quantity.

    Why am I only getting 1(one) dragon scale off a being that obviously has an entire body of scales.

    More leather in 2012!

  4. Thank you guys for participating in the poll! Don't worry about selecting too many items from the list. I'm mostly looking to see relative popularity between items, so it shouldn't matter if you pick half the list :)

  5. How about iLevel requirements for all gems?
    It seems silly that you can put epic Wrath gems in Outland quest reward greens.

    Also, I think they should adjust the level requirements for enchants (and possibly other crafted items) to cater to twink brackets.

    Wouldn't it be nice if some of those lower level recipes were actually in demand?