Transmogrification and Tailoring

There was a great response to the first Transmogrification article I posted earlier this week, so I'm moving forward with a list for Tailoring. Tailoring is an exciting profession because it has lots of styles available, a few of which even mock other armor's looks! Personally I'd rather walk around in some of these sets than most of the garish Tier sets for Mages and Warlocks, but that's just me. Tailoring is also chock full of everyman looks that will let you stand apart from the "blinded by shinies" crowd. Want to look like a pirate? Got it. Prefer to dress like a fisherman or barmaid? Check and check. Cloth wearers will have the widest variety of styling options available to them.

The first set I chose to share was this Simple Kilt and Blue Linen Vest combination, paired with some basic gloves and boots. This makes an adorable outfit:

And nothing says "caster" like an awesome turban! Another kilt ensemble I put together is the Colorful Kilt combined with the Red Swashbuckler's Shirt and the Gloves of Meditation, but you can also pick up Corsair's Overshirt from Deadmines or the Buccaneer's Vest instead:

If you'd rather be fishin' we can do that too. This is the Blue Overalls, which could be paired with some thigh boots, fingerless gloves and a floppy hat like the Comfortable Leather Hat!

I honestly don't know how you would turn this into an outfit, but bandit hoods are so beloved that I know people will find a way. Tailors can make the White Bandit Mask, which I'm showing with the White Swashbuckler's Shirt and random pants I had on. This really should be done as a bandit or pirate ensemble, so feel free to chime in here if you have ideas :)

Another beloved headpiece is the Admiral's Hat, which I've combined with the Azure Silk set. They work pretty well together unless you plan to go with a more militaristic vibe. Since the Azure set didn't include a shoulder piece, I used the Mooncloth Shoulders:

Here we have some pants and gloves I found that were quite striking. Unfortunately there are no other crafted pieces that match them. However, I think this would be an interesting basis for a look, so if you know of quest/drops that look like this we can add more links!

Next up we have a few of the robes that Tailors can make. The Lesser Wizard's Robe isn't part of a set, but it's very attractive. I'm showing it here with the Shadow Hood, Ebonweave Gloves, Bloodthirsty Fireweave Belt, Black Mageweave Boots and Shadoweave Shoulders. The shoulders are not a perfect match, but there are better matches you can buy such as the Elder's Mantle (BOE) or Elder Wizard's Mantle (BOE) :

Our next Robe is the Imbued Netherweave Robe from the Burning Crusade era. It's very similar in color palette to the previous robe, so I think some of the same items would also work with it (gloves, belt, hood). The shoulders would be tricky here, this robe is so slinky that every crafted shoulder item overpowers it. I still think it's a great item if you want to show off that midriff!

This robe is technically a priest item since it has a proc that applies to their Fade spell. Honestly, I don't know that this look would even make sense for a mage or warlock, so let's just call it a priest robe. There are actually two crafted items that use this artwork, the Runecloth Robe and the epic Truefaith Vestments. I won't tell if you won't!

Kaliope wore the beautiful Mooncloth Robe until the end of classic WoW and it's still a personal favorite of mine. If you're a healer, it would be hard to do better than this elegant gown. Here I've styled it with the Mooncloth Boots, Netherweave Belt, Black Mageweave Gloves and believe it or not, the Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders. What can I say, these lowly shoulders were the only ones that enhanced the robe instead of overpowering it:

And now we've made it to the Tailoring sets. One of the first that fledgling players will run into is the Crimson Silk set. This is actually quite a daring outfit for lowbies -- I would hate to see it on a dude! It doesn't have a helm, so I added the Red Mageweave Headband:

The Shadoweave items are yet another set of purple gear that's clearly intended for Warlocks. This version is more vibrant than most and is missing the ominous/evil feel that most warlock gear tends to have. So if you like purple but can live without the menacing vibe, this might be for you:

Ahh, the infamous Black Mageweave set. If you've never heard of this set, you must have been living under an Azerothian boulder. Many have lusted after it and subsequently been sad to outgrow it. Now your character can live in a permanent state of skank thanks to transmogrification :)

The Red Mageweave set isn't a whole lot better in terms of the tramp factor, but at least there's more fabric involved. If you love red this might be the look for you:

I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded our next set into the dressing room viewer. None of my cloth wearers are healers, so I never used this Runecloth set. As a result I had no idea it had this adorable little gypsy feel to it. This outfit would make a fun look for someone who's not into the glam thing:

Our third and final "skimpy" outfit is the Cindercloth Set. This one is very similar to the Black Mageweave, but done it red and gold. There are no shoulders in the set, but it should be fairly easy to find a close match for it:

Wow, we're just getting to the end of the classic gear? Amazing! This is our final set from the "good ole days", the Felcloth set. It's kind of a mixed bag, the shoulders and hood don't seem to match the robe very well. I think the artist who worked on this one might need their prescription updated ;) I like the Egyptian-style robe though, it might be worth building an outfit around that and skipping the weirder pieces.

This next set debuted in Burning Crusade and many Tailors leveled on these items. Oddly, I never made the tunic for this set and I had no idea it was actually a rogue-style outfit! For shoulders you can buy the Silver-Thread Amice. If you want to fool your friends and family, try wearing the Netherweave set around and see how many folks mistake you for melee dps!

This is the first of three pre-raid gearsets from Burning Crusade, the Primal Mooncloth. I believe they were all considered OP in their time. This set was meant for priests and I've read that it can be paired with the Whitemend Hood and Pants for a full look:

This is the "mage" set from Burning Crusade which we know because it's red, haha! I had a heck of a time finding attractive accessories for the Spellfire set, I think because this shade of red is unusual compared to most gear in WoW. A fairly close match is the Flowery Mantle, a quest item. If you find anything you like feel free to share!

Finally we have the crafted warlock set from BC, the Frozen Shadoweave. This was considered godly back in the day and some warlocks wouldn't even give it up for their tier pieces. The stats have been nerfed since then, but it's still a classic Warlock look from Burning Crusade:

I'm including a couple of sets from Cataclysm because the art styles have changed a lot over the last 7+ years and some folks may prefer the look of the newer gear. The Frostwoven set has a warlock/shadow priest vibe to it:

Our final set, the Deathsilk, has a color scheme that could work for any of the caster classes. The style is subdued but I think the helm looks interesting:

I hope you've enjoyed walking down memory lane with me and seeing what Tailoring has to offer for transmogrification. If there are any items I didn't feature that you feel belong on the list, please post it in the Comments!

Note to Blizzard: Please hire some ladies to help on artwork for new gear =) Or maybe some sweet gay guys, I'm not picky! But the butch fellas you've got now are putting too much peanut butter in our chocolate :P


  1. Awesome! I'm buying up felcloth now for the mooncloth robe demand that is sure to come!

  2. I made the Frozen Shadoweave set and need to get to match/complete my set.

    Collecting the primals are the toughest part of making this set.

  3. Agreed, I have already started stockpiling primals and motes for the BC sets.