Transmogrification and Blacksmithing, Part 2

This is my the last of my series of articles featuring unique crafted items for transmogrification. Today I want to look at armor sets made by Blacksmithing. There are over a dozen sets and partial sets that can be crafted, so I picked out some that I thought had an appealing look to them.

One of the first sets you would have come across in Classic WoW is the Golden Scale armor. This low-level gear has a very paladin-oriented styling to it. It comes with a chain helm, but I've paired it with the Brilliant Titansteel helm for an even more striking look. This helm is seriously awesome and nicely matches the Golden Scale set:

This next set is the Radiant mail which is actually old resistance gear from Classic WoW. We don't really use resist gear anymore, but you can still wear these items for the look. This is a very eye-catching set if you're into this sort of thing:

I'm including this next set because it's very unique. This is the Wildthorn tunic matched with pieces from the Thick Scale armor set and the Infernal Trickster Leggings. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this would be an interesting choice for you:

Our final mail set is from Burning Crusade and it's a personal favorite. This is the Fel Iron Chain set, a green recolor of the Black Dragon Mail. Unfortunately this is just a partial gearset and there are no strong matches in the WoW Model Viewer listings. Some folks like to pair it with pieces from the Felscale set made by Leatherworkers, but that look is a bit too butch for me. I picked out the Bloodmail Legguards and some black boots:

Another early "classic" has a look that's easily recognizable by Alliance folks. This is the Imperial Plate gear, made by Blacksmiths. It looks quite similar to the gear worn by the Stormwind guards. It's not an exact match, but if you're willing to be flexible, this gear can be acquired very cheaply. There are no gloves to this set, so I used the Truesilver Gauntlets with it. It also comes with a helm that looks identical to the one on the Stormwind guards:

There's only one useful item in this next set, but I love the Dawnsteel Shoulders so much I built a look around them. These shoulders are made from a drop recipe in Black Temple, so they could be hard to get. I've matched them up with the Conqueror's gear, uncommon drops found in Burning Crusade zones:

Another nice set is the Fel Iron Plate gear from Burning Crusade. This has almost everything you need for a full look except shoulders and helm. Personally I consider helms optional, but if you really wanted one you could go with something like the Fel-Steel Warhelm. The Emerald Pauldrons also look good with this set:

I really loved this mini-set back in the day. My hunter made these for my warrior and she wore them proudly. The Adamantite Battlegear has just three items, but they are quite good for their level. I still sell these pieces to new Outland adventurers :) What I love about this set is that it uses the awesome Black Dragonscale styling in a very unique teal color. I've paired the Adamantite items with pieces of the Warleader's gear:

The Burning Rage set is also from Burning Crusade. Man, I remember farming for days to make this gear for my warrior. It has a very high component cost, but at level 80+ it shouldn't be too hard to farm the primals. I paired it with items from the Commander's set to create a full look. Personally, I think anyone would stand out in this set:

The Wildguard gear is available from the Cenarion Expedition vendor in Zangarmarsh. There are three items in the set and they can be paired with items from the Emerald plate gear for a full look:

If you're a loyal fan of the Black Dragonscale set from Classic WoW, you can get the same style with plate gear by crafting the Enchanted Adamantite set. These recipes are sold by the Scryers vendor in Shattrath, so you'd need to find someone who's in good with the Scryers. You can add the Saltstone Shoulders and Bogslayer Gauntlets to make a complete look:

The Iceguard gear is available to smiths who managed to get in good with the Violet Eye (aka Karazhan rep). If you reach Revered you can unlock all three recipes. Unfortunately the only items I could find that pair up nicely with this set are the Tier 5 Paladin set. You can see the set here with shoulders/boots/gloves from the Crystalforge Battlegear:

From Northrend I've included the Brilliant Saronite and Tempered Saronite sets. They are more subdued than most of the sets we've seen, but if you're looking for something toned down, these might be a good option:

On the other hand, the Icebane gear is not sedate at all. People will see you from a mile away in this gear. It's possible that you could literally freeze the Firelands single-handedly in this outfit :) This is the frost resist set from Wrath, which actually includes a full set of items if you are lucky enough to have the old Naxx recipes from Classic WoW. Otherwise, you may be out of luck, as nothing else looks like this gear. I'm tossing it in the list purely because it's so unique and eyecatching. On the off-chance anyone is actually able to create this look, they will probably be the only one on their server with this set:

That's all I have to share in terms of crafted gear that can be turned into a full set of transmogrified armor. I'm sure there are other individual items that have potential which didn't make the list. I'd like to give a shout out to the Visual Roleplay Gear List for providing a great resource to the community. This was an invaluable site to me personally to help find great sets for my girls. It was also very helpful in finding "lookalike" gear when I got stumped with the WoW Model Viewer. If you're not planning to use crafted gear or a Tier set for your transmog needs, the VRG List is a wonderful site for some off the beaten path ideas.


  1. Thank you so much for something so useful!

    My pally was looking for something simple so probably saronite; well I was tempted by the radiant set but that is mail and so not an option. And I suspect my Dranaei shaman with radiant will look ... odd.

    And for many customers of blacksmiths, they will also need to match the purse/shield. Shields are always a pain to get so I expect cosmetic ones to be no different.

    Thanks again.

  2. I also really like the Stormforged "set".

  3. What are the shoulders and gloves on the last picture? The awesomely bright blue ones.

    1. That's the Icebane set made by Blacksmiths. Not all of the items are available anymore, but some of them are.