Transmogrification and Blacksmithing, Part 1

Ok so I've been going through the Blacksmithing items and there's a ton of stuff. There's over a dozen weapons and even more sets of gear, which would make for a crazy-long post. I thought it might be better to break this down and do weapons in one post, armor in another. This way you won't have to wait days and days for me to compile all the images and links for a big mega-post.

I'll start off with weapons because those items are at a more complete stage. Blacksmithing has some interesting weapons and I think there's a lot to like. Personally, I'm not a fan of behemoth weaponry. I guess I just prefer the subtle approach :) Here are the more unique weapons I found in the Blacksmithing arsenal:

The first weapon I found was the Jade Serpentblade. This isn't a particularly flashy item, but I feel it has a unique vibe to it. It features a curved blade and has somewhat of a scimitar look. If you're building an outfit with an Eastern flair, this weapon could be a good addition:

The next weapon I want to share is the Searing Golden Blade. This is a very rare recipe drop for Blacksmiths, so most won't have it. Something particularly special about this piece is that it's a low level item. If you plan to transmog your alts, this would be a good weapon to use (assuming you can't transmog an item your character can't equip). This weapon also comes with it's own glow effect, which is a nice bonus:

I'm including The Shatterer because I think it's the perfect weapon for a Paladin. Well, unless you're committed to the whole "size" thing. This mace has an awesome eagle motif combined with a spiffy gold/royal color scheme. These are on the small side, but I still think the styling screams "Paladin":

Another classic piece that I've always loved is the Phantom Blade. It has a fairly unique look in that the blade is translucent. From reading comments on Wowhead, this sword seems to have a sizable following and you would likely have no trouble selling them:

My next weapon is a bit of a throwback. Daggers have gotten so foolishly overblown in recent years that I feel ridiculous having them on my rogue. I'm more of a "stab you in the back" gal than a "bash you in the face" type, so give me a small, elegant dagger and I'm good to go. When I outfit my rogue, she may well be packing the stiletto-esque Ebon Shiv:

Another solid choice that I'm considering is Dirge. This blade is more elaborate than the one above, but still has the slender profile that I think is more fitting for the sneaky types:

I think a lot of peeps will be looking for a sword like our next one. This is the Blazing Rapier and it looks very much like a red lightsaber to me. It comes with the red glow effect so you wouldn't even need to enchant it to get this look:

To my eye this next weapon is unusual because it features black and red with a touch of gold. It doesn't have the typical "dark and moody" vibe that newer weapons have, but I prefer the deadly elegance it conveys (a similar item in just red and black is the Persuader):

I don't know about you guys but this Nightfall is more frightening than the unwieldy behemoths that are all the rage these days. From where I'm sitting it looks like Deathwing himself is getting ready to eat your face off:

As long as we're on the raging, bloody motif let's talk about the Fel Iron Greatsword. This is dead easy to get your hands on and it looks amazing with my Bloodfang gear:

For those of you who want to bring the pain with a side of valor, I give you the Felsteel Reaper. This weapon combines the deadly fear instilled by a vibrant red blade with the chivalrous sentiment conveyed by the noble eagle:

As requested by a reader, I'm including the Felsteel Longsword. This one-hander has a fairly unique red and blue color combination, which should help it stand out from the crowd. Also, as pointed out by our reader, a katana shape that is not typical of WoW weaponry:

My next weapon is off the beaten path, but I thought I'd include it for those of you who plan to pursue a specific look. This is the Sure-fire Shuriken, a throwing weapon. I thought it looked cool because it resembles a throwing star. Most thrown weapons just look like a cheap little dagger, but this one has some style and would look good with a ninja armor set:

I selected this two-hander from Wrath because it has an interesting ram's head motif that I thought would work nicely for someone who's building an Alliance or possibly Dwarven-inspired look:

Another Wrath weapon that I'm including is the Saronite Mindcrusher. To me it looks like something a Deathknight would carry. It's so unusual that I thought I'd share it:

I'm only featuring one weapon from Cataclysm, the newly available Witch Hunter's Harvester. The main reason I chose this weapon is because scythes tend to be quite popular with players. This is the only one that's crafted, so if you didn't manage to get a scythe from Ahune perhaps this will work for you. You could even give it a little Icy Chill ;)

I hope you've enjoyed this look at some of the older weapons that are available from Blacksmithing. I think there are a lot of unique and interesting styles here that would complement a variety of armor sets. Personally I like this older stuff more than the gear we've been getting from the last two expansions. I don't know about you, but my transmogrification plans are heavily influenced by Classic/Burning Crusade era goodies. Some of these weapons are personal favorites and I truly hope to see more of these out and about when 4.3 drops.

Please post in the comments if you have a favorite that deserves to be in this list!Link


  1. No love for the "Felsteel Longsword", the one that looks like a Katana? :)

    Nice line-up, thank you!

  2. Thanks for pointing me to the Felsteel Longblade! I've been using my Blacksmith's recipe book for some of my research, and she doesn't have every item so I'm sure there are a few high-end raid goodies I've missed. It's in there now tho ;)

  3. Thanks for this list. Some hidden gems in here that I'd never looked at before (farming Phantom Blade plans at the mo!)

    Would love it if you made another list with some other weapons!