New Jewelcrafting Recipes in Patch 4.3

I just got onto the Test Realm this evening to try and confirm some of the rumors that are flying around about epic gems. Right now there are no transmute recipes on the Alchemy trainer for epic gems. I also did a transmutation to see if something might pop up as a discovery, but nothing happened. There are also no epic gem cutting recipes on the JC token vendor or the JC trainer. I did find some new recipes on the JC trainer for updated PVP jewelry:

And a fun little item that finally made it out of beta, too bad it uses one of the harder gems to keep in stock (at least for me):

There are also updated PVP items on the Leatherworking, Smithing and Tailoring trainers. I'll be putting them up as I have time tomorrow :)


  1. Thanks for being our eyes and ears on the PTR!

  2. yes! thanks for your efforts.

    What is going on with profession perks?

    If there is not an upgrade for Chimera eye's, then minmax raiders will want to drop jewel crafting since the JC profession bonus is the difference between the best non-JC gem and the best JC-only gem.

    I was expecting this expansion to also upgrade all prof perks.

  3. At this time the JC Chimera gems are showing a value of +77 stats (vs. +67 on live) but LW embossments are the same stat value as the Live version. It looks like they are in transition but will be upgraded this patch :)

  4. Thx for all your mog and crafting efforts. We know think we sorta know more about what Blizzard is doing for epic gems. ( Why will remain a mystery.)

    But please let us know when you spy the patterns - i.e. how does one learn how to cut a Brilliant Epic Ruby?

  5. I gotta say, I wonder if the datamined transmute recipes for epic gems aren't a red herring. It just seems to fly in the face of the rarity that Ghostcrawler described to make a craftable epic gem. I could be wrong, but consider me on the sidelines with this one.

    However I'll be keeping a close eye on the PTR and will bring any new recipes I find as soon as I spot them :)

  6. Wowhead's ptr server reports the transmute recipes as "smart loot", meaning it will drop from some mob somewhere and not be trained. (e.g., ) However, this is presumably datamined, so who knows if it will change.

  7. Well that's certainly an interesting possibility which might encourage farming of the instance if trash mobs are included.