More Transmogrification: Answering Reader Questions

After my post from yesterday I got quite a list of follow-up questions from folks who wanted to know more specifics about transmogrification. I started to respond in the Comments, but it was getting pretty darn huge. Plus, I was capturing some images that really would have been helpful to share and that doesn't work in the comments. Click on the images to see the more detailed, full screen version.

So here we go! Jouissance had a whole bunch of questions about mogging, primarily focused on twinks or alts:

Q: Do items you are mogging into have to be soulbound previously?

A: Yes. I tested this by trying to use the Tremendous Tankard of Terror on my 84 Rogue. I got the following error: "You must be able to equip an item to use it's appearance". You can click the image to see the error message and the item that I clearly cannot use:

Q: If you have a BoE item in your bag and use it to mog into it, does it become BoP?

A: Yes. I did a second test with green BOE item not yet equipped on my rogue, which generated the following confirmation message "Using this item for transmogrify will bind it to you and make it non-refundable and non-tradeable Do you wish to continue? Okay/Cancel."

Q: After you mogged item A onto item B, does item A disappear?

A: No, the old item remains in your inventory exactly as it was.

Q: What are the prices like now? Are weapons much higher than armor?

A: The prices are currently ranging from 10-25 gold per item. Weapons appear to be on the upper end of that range. I've read that these prices are not solidified but hopefully they won't change too much.

The next set of questions are from Hero:

Q: Do people that inspect you see where the the transmog comes from?

A: As you can see by clicking the pic below, the tooltip for the mogged item shows the name of the source artwork. When you inspect someone, this is what you will see. I just inspected a couple of paladins wearing some very nice, Alliance inspired gear and was able to find the name of the item they used:

Q: Can you mog two weapons out of a single one?

A: I still have a Direbrew Shanker from two expansions ago. I was able to use it to change both of my current daggers to the Shanker art, If you click on this pic you can see the new tooltip for my weapons:

I only have one Shanker in my bag, but both of my equipped daggers are transmogged into a Shanker. You can see from the transmog interface that both of my weapon hands show the same icon (the Shanker icon) and that the dressing room image of me shows a broken bottle in both hands.

And finally, a question from Ratshag:

Q: When ya mogs the Helm of Evil Laughter onta a regular helm, can ya do the Evil Laughter?

A: Sadly, I cannot. The "use" ability did not transfer to the target helm during the transmog process. No matter how much I click it, I get no evil laughter with which to frighten small children :(

From what I'm seeing on the PTR, players are using the transmogrification function to change into very stylish and iconic looks for their characters. In addition to a couple of very nicely decked out Paladins, I ran across this Warlock...

...who looked very evil and demonic to me, and yet still well-dressed. I have to say that the players who had transmogged looked soooo much better than the pre-made boobs who were clogging up the streets of Stormwind. I don't think Blizzard will have to worry too much about our taste in clothing, most of us seem to be doing just fine ;)

*** UPDATE ***

We got a couple of new questions in the Comments section, so I went back to the PTR and tested them as well. First was a question from Big Al about mogging a fishing pole. I picked up a quest pole from the Hinterlands and tried to mog it onto my Kaluak pole, just to see what would happen. You can see here that it shows a big red slash over the MH/OH slots to indicate that these items are not eligible:

Next is a question from Kring who asks about mogging the Deep Dive Helmet from Engineering. I was able to successfully transmog the DDH onto another helm, but not without some hiccups along the way. My Engineer is a warrior and the DDH is a cloth helm. As such, I was not able to mog it onto my existing helm. I had to get a cloth item (in this case the Admiral's Hat from Tailoring) as my equipped helm and put the DDH onto that. Realistically I think this is only a viable mog for cloth wearing classes, the rest of us will just have to look elsewhere. And unfortunately this is a recurring theme in Engineering, so mail/plate wearers will be limited in what Engie helms they can use for mogging. Here's a pic of the DDH mogged over the Admiral's Hat:


  1. Thanks as always for the great info Kali!

  2. Thank you Kaliope, great as always, <3!

  3. I have a question for you... can you transmog one fishing pole onto another? I am pretty bored with the look of my kaluak pole but I enjoy the underwater breathing at times, and I have a bone fishing pole sitting in my bank.

  4. No the most important question. Can you transmogrify the deepdive helmet? :)

  5. Will check both of these on the PTR today. It was down yesterday for most of the evening, presumably with a new content patch. I'll see what I can find out for you guys :)

  6. Thanks for the answers Kaliope. If you have the time, I've got one more: Bows can be mogged into guns and vice-versa, as announced, right? In the case they can, do the Troll and Dwarven racial account for the item's original category or the new, mogged one (I'm inclined to believe it's the former, but it would be so great to have weapon specialization racials removed).

    Thanks again.

  7. Hero, the racial bonus goes off of the actual item you have equip. Transmog only does a makeup job on the item, it still keeps its properties.

  8. Transmogging does not transfer any properties other than the visual, would be a better way of putting it.

  9. Deepdive helmet NOT transmogrifiable as of 11-30-11. That really ticks me off, since it has stats and is "legal" in every way.