Fun with Transmogrification

In which I take my old Horseman's Helm from the bank and transmog it onto my current helm (well current as of when I last copied my warrior to the PTR). The tooltip for my equipped helm indicates that it has been transmogrified. Click for full size image.

In which I do not have a 1H mace to test, so I make a craptastic one with mats on hand from my blacksmith and mail it to my warrior. In the pic you can see the woeful Volcanic Hammer which has been moggied into the Tankard O' Terror! Click for full size image.

Now to come up with the perfect armor set for this look =)


  1. Kaliope, can you please clear up some stuff regarding mogging? It will be much appreciated :)

    - do items you are mogging into have to be soulbound previously? in other words, could my lvl 70 priest mog her gear into lvl 80 gear? Think this is pertinent coz of alts/twinks. If you have to be able to actually wear the item beforehand, it limits your choices till you reach max level.

    - connected to this, if you have a BoE item in your bag and use it to mog into it, does it become BoP? or does it ask you to wear it before (which is same as question 1 :))

    - after you mogged item A onto item B, does item A disappear? (i am guessing no, but im not sure)

    - what are the prices like now? are weapons much higher than armor?

    thank you very very much for your effort :)

  2. If I could add a couple questions:
    1. Do people that inspect you see where the the transmog comes from?
    2. Can you mog two weapons out of a single one? To clarify, if I have a 2h axe, can I use it to model both weapons of a Titan's Grip warrior or do I need two copies of the weapon.

  3. Most important question of all:
    When ya mogs the Helm of Evil Laughter onta a regular helm, can ya do the Evil Laughter?

  4. Lol, caught that eh? It's more fun to say it like that :)

  5. @jouissance: I am not on the PTR, but blizzard's info so far answers several of your questions:

    - Transmogrifying can only be done if you own and can wear both the source and destination items.
    - If not already the case, transmogrifying will soulbind both items. So: no, no mogging for twink alts
    - You can transmogrify a look onto a heirloom, but the transmogrification will be stripped off if you mail the item to an alt. So: no, still no mogging for twink alts ...
    - Transmogrifying does not destroy anything

  6. Yoco: I went ahead and included some of these questions because I know that sometimes folks want to see that the attempt is made and thwarted before they are satisfied that something can't be done. If Blizzard codes an error for an action, that's pretty obvious that they aren't going to support it.

    On the other hand, I've seen some evidence that things they said would not be possible are currently working on the PTR. In situations that are still in flux like that, they may change their mind about some of the rules before 4.3 goes out the door. I went ahead and tested all of the various scenarios just to see which are blocked and which of them may still be "negotiable". It's possible that player's behavior on the PTR may influence the final implementation of transmogrification. So I'm more willing to be open-minded about mogging suggestions on the chance that we can sway Blizzard in a few areas :)