4.3 PVP Gear Upgrades for Smiths, Tailors & Leatherworkers

As I was visiting the various profession trainers last night, I noticed that the crafted PVP sets had already been upgraded with better stats. Since this is the second round of upgrades to existing recipes, I'm not going to post every single one of them here. Instead I've picked a few example recipes from each profession to give you guys an idea of how the stats have changed. All of the crafted PVP sets have been renamed to "Vicious", which has replaced the "Bloodthirsty" designation. In addition, they've all been boosted to 377 item level with appropriate stat increases.

For Tailoring I grabbed the Fireweave Cowl/Robe and the Embersilk Pants/Boots (with Wowhead mouseover links to current version for comparison purposes):

For Leatherworking I got Leather Chest/Legs and the Dragonscale Helm/Boots:

And for Blacksmithing I have the Ornate Pyrium Chest/Legs and the regular Pyrium Helm/Shoulders:

This last image is a bonus... it's showing my Murkablo pet as he blasts himself into the air with his fire breath :)


  1. So, am i right in saying that non of the new recipes need truegold? Stacking up in hopes of prices going up when 4.3. comes is not such a good idea then.

  2. With the new patch, it looks like there will be no epic LW patterns that do not drop from a raid. On smaller servers with low raid populations, that means little access to the material needed and even less opportunities for patterns for non-hard core raiders. ON y little server, fire-land patterns are still going for 10 to 15K. Only a few folks are will to pay that for a pattern for which there is no viable way to get the mats to make it.

    With JP buying 378s, the 359 epic gear is essentially eliminated as crafting opportunity for AH. My guess is that the orbs will be eaten by BS that still have 365 patterns people want and for the few people that have the raid drop patterns. People will want the 377 gear to start their dungeon crawls but after that it looks like LW, again, has little opportunity to make highly desired gear for the new content unless you are in a raiding guild...

  3. I have made that same argument to Blizz on the official forums, who knows if they will listen? But I feel your pain, my recipes sat unused until this week when Chaos Orbs became transferrable.

    I also made a pitch for upgrading PVE recipes the same as PVP, although I doubt that will happen in this xpac.