4.3 Epic Gem News

MMO-Champion has an interview blurb from Ghostcrawler that states epic gems will be dropping from the new raid in Patch 4.3. This would seem to confirm that epic gems will not be available via any crafting mechanic. Apparently things are reverting back to the Burning Crusade model of gem acquisition, which none of us wanted to see. There's no information on how the recipes to cut these gems will be acquired. It might be safe to assume that these will also be raid-based (in BC they were unlocked with raid faction initially). So there's a good chance that non-raiding Jewelcrafters will be left out of the epic gem frenzy.

I know many of you will be unhappy about this development. Given the slow rate at which the Devs claim that epic gems will drop, the market for rares may stay reasonably viable for awhile. But at this point you guys might want to brace yourselves that your JC alts won't be able to do epic cuts. I certainly hope that Jewelcrafters will gain some new items in 4.3 to make up for this loss. Further into the post, Ghostcrawler mentions that new profession recipes will be added as well. I gotta think that some type of JC love is appropriate here to make up for the loss of epic gems.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the Comments, I'm sure you have some. Here's hoping we get some good news soon to make up for this whammy :(


  1. I am not ready to liquidate my Pyrite Ore stacks yet. I am fully confident the Blue gems will dominate the market till the end of cata days. Mainly because the vast majority of players will focus on:

    1) the new 3 5-man dungeons
    2) the nerfed firelands on LFRaid

    They wont be getting epic gems from 5mans.

  2. Well I'm glad someone is taking the news calmly :) I tend to agree that if epic gems truly are a raider-only item, the blue gems will remain viable and continue to provide income.

  3. Sad to see this news -- unfortunately, the market for rares will probably drop as well as the market becomes overly saturated with them (since apparently the item that has the low chance to give the epic gems will most usually give rares).

    I'm hoping that they might add the epic gems to the Valor vendor, since it's not like we'll be able to spend our points on Tier gear anyhow.. :-\

  4. I am a bit concerned about the rares in the goodie bag as well, that sounds like market flood potential. If crafters can't have epic gems/recipes, the rare market needs to stay strong. I'd prefer to see a variety of consumables in the random loot cache to spread the saturation amongst multiple professions.

  5. It looks like Blizzard is making folks that aren't hard-core raiders second class WoW citizens. Orbs are only available via raids, so my crafters must raid in order to craft decent gear (note that it isn't the top gear by any means, just decent). With epic gems only available from raids as well, it continues the trend.
    It's short-sighted in my opinion. Raiders may be vocal, but they're a small minority of the total WoW players. Blizzard is already losing accounts and revenue, I believe this will accelerate the trend.

  6. I think they're trying really hard to camp the middle ground. They have a pretty longstanding tradition of requiring raid drops to craft raid-quality gear, so this doesn't seem like a new deal to me. In BC you needed sunmotes to make Sunwell level gear, runed orbs for Ulduar gear in WotLK, etc. On the other hand they gave Smiths some 365 weapons that did not require Living Embers, so that was a bit of a compromise. And they're already nerfing Firelands so that more folks can see it, which has the hardcore pissed off. I agree with you that ultimately they need to drift closer to the casual end of the spectrum since we are the larger pool of players. But for now I think they plan to stay middle of the road as much as they can.

  7. I don't really understand there thought process behind this. As someone who raided during BC it was annoying trying to acquire epic gems (it seemed my guild always had an abundance of useless green gems). If they want to make raiding elitist then that's fine make the raids hard, but I don't really understand how professions=raiding, a lot of people play this game in many different ways, I have numerous characters (11 to be exact) do they seriously expect me to raid on all of them to get enough gems for them? Do they seriously expect people to dust off their jewelcrafting alts and raid on them solely so they can get the patterns and the gems. I don't see them making better glyph recipes and only putting them and the mats in raids, I don't see them making flask drops and mats only from raids, I also don't see a new belt buckle recipe only being from raiding. JC's get the short end of the stick yet again. Gems are a consumable, it's not some pair of super epic boots that you have to save up forever to make.

  8. I did a post on this same topic and my TLDR was about the same as yours: Either JC (and by extenstion gold-makers) are screwed (pre-cut/soulbound epics) or not (raw epics). We need more info to know for sure. My gut tells me that Blizz wants epic gems to feel "epic" therefore pre-cut/soulbound. Otherwise it wouldn't take "the entire content cycle" as Ghostcrawler put it to fill a single player's slots with epics.

  9. bah had a nice long post but my browser just lost it...

    ...In BC the JCs were really limited once the raids started being the palce to get the cool Gems. I'm a casual player and use cash from the AH to buy better gear so I can keep up in the heroics.

    With raids dropping Geodes, like GhostCrawler said, that contain either (mostly) a rare gem, or if you're super lucky an epic one, the JC-ing of rare gems will be largely redundant, as there will be enough supply from raiders to kill the market.

    Personally I think it defeats the point of being a JC - I liked it when Cata started and you could get any recipe if you played enough dailies, but now, that's going to be knackered again just like it was before - they already broke that a bit by having some rare recipes not available at the vendor.



  10. @Flux

    Wont be the epics, but the blue gems droppping from Geodes that will kill us mostly i think.

    Another point. If Bliizard is turning back to BC style, arent they saying that WoTLK was a fail? We all know Lich King exp. was too easy on alot of things. Maybe it was TOO easy on epic gems as well.

  11. If I had to take a guess, I suspect Blizzard did not like the easy flow of epic gems in Wrath. They want epic items to feel like a meaningful reward and have upped the bar on obtaining them. The comments from Ghostcrawler seem to echo this sentiment in regard to epic gems, specifically where he talks about it taking a full content cycle to acquire all epic gems. To me this says they don't want epic gems to be an easy upgrade. Hence the difficulty in getting them and presumably difficulty in getting recipes as well. So I'm with Flux on that, I assume recipes will be tied to raiding at this point.

    I think the design intent has shifted to "epic gems are epic" and our ability to make money on them is not a factor. What I hope is that they introduce something else to fill the void so Jewelcrafters don't abandon their professions. On the other hand they didn't do much to help Scribes after their consumable loss, so JCs may simply be out of luck.

    I'm still waiting to hear more about these other new recipes we're getting in 4.3 before I decide how I feel.

  12. http://kaliope.crafterstome.com/2011/05/dev-chat-on-professions.html?showComment=1306002852697#c7087083754134538833

    Everyone thought I was joking...

  13. @Kring

    You were right, but that doesn't mean that it is *right*.

    I still have just over 13,000 Pyrite Ore and I've seen the prices dropping on the AH already. I'm going to sit on mine and hope Blizzard comes to their senses. Worst case scenario: this does happen and I have to smelt bars and hope there's new recipes that take Truegold and the price of bars goes up. Like taradawes said, I have 16 characters on one server (2 accounts) with a 525 JC on Horde and Alliance. It would be nice for each of my JC'ers to be able to prospect for Epics and get the cuts to equip my other toons. I can't raid on all 9 of my 85's.

  14. Oh, I think this is stupid.

    But the whole concept of 3 tier of gems is unnecessary. We should have cheap throwaway gems and really expensive high end gems. There is no space for 3 tiers. Either blue and green gems are both cheap, throw away gems (WotLK) or epic gems are way to sparse that it isn't really funny (TBC).

  15. In WOTLK they added stormjewels first which were a fishing BOE - maybe this is the same, and they will add crafted epic gems 1 patch later.

  16. Kaliope - dont feel to sorry for those Scribes just yet. There still is gold in them herbs.

    But yea, 'give away' rare drops are going to hit cata based JC's very hard. Those doing the Northrend cuts will do a little better.

  17. I don't mind the concept of 3 tiers of gems. I used the green quality gems to level up JC'ing and either vendored them or put them on the AH. I didn't even bother socketing them in anything, for 2 reasons. 1) I was replacing gear so quickly that it was a waste of time. 2) I knew I was going to have blue gems to tide me over for a year until Epics came out.

    Even if Epics came out of Pyrite, they're still going to be out of the price range of a good part of the population for at least a couple of weeks. By then the cut throat nature of the AH will bring the prices to a more reasonable level.

  18. I think Blizz specifically did not want to repeat the WOLTK experience where JC and Inscription were where the money was. They've already cut inscription down (though I still make 1.5-3k daily on it) so it doesn't surprise me they won't essentially hand JC's what amounts to a huge bag of easy gold.

  19. You dont *need* epic gems in all 10-15 or 20 characters you might play with, especially if you do not raid with them. You wouldnt *need* epic gems even if you were raiding on all or even just 1.

    But you DO need glyphs. Glyphs make a huge difference in how spells/abilities work or interact with each other, while gems are just stats.

    They said in interviews that the stats would only be upgraded for 10 (and I am assuming he was talking about red ones, not purple/green/orange - because yeah, everyone just wants the red ones).

    Except for the hardest of the hardcore raids who enter heroic versions of the fights while still wearing majority of gear from previous tier, epic gems mean NOTHING. They are just epicness for epicness sake, and I think Blizzard made a huge mistake in WotLK by making them feel like an expected part of progression for everyone's characters. No one is "owned" any epic gems, because realistically no one necessarily needs them to do a single thing in the game.

    Re: making gold - there are still so many opportunities to make gold, they just wont be as explosive as widely-available epic gems.

  20. Oh and another thing: if there are maximum 12 gem slots overall in gear (head, shoulders, 2xchest, bracers, gloves, 2xpants, boots, ring + BS) putting an epic gem in all of them will mean an upgrade of 120 of the main stat (over the rare one) - considering I already have 5k+ of that stat in my current gear, 120 is a wholly negligible upgrade. Heck, the statistical error of my crits in any fight will make a bigger difference than 100-120 of a stat.

    Besides I am pretty certain that this math will simply be ignored by 99% of the WoW population, the crying will be so loud that 2 months into the expansion they will allow transmutes and/or VP buying of the gems.

  21. I think Jouissance makes a valid point here. No one actually needs the gems, but as in WotLK - there's that sense of expectation for them. If epic gems became widely available, all players would be expected to use them and pay thousands of gold to upgrade every gem on every toon. Anyone who continued to use rare gems would be ridiculed for it, so of course few would. Even though the stat improvement is minimal, the player impact is huge when epic gems flow. Blizz may have decided to let the JC community take the hit instead of everyone else's pocketbook.

    We were warned that Cataclysm would make progression challenging again, this could be one of the side effects of that change.

  22. can someone please explain to me the whole point of raw gems dropping from raid bosses? i just think its one more thing driving players away, i can do some raiding but not as much as most people but i dont think i should be punished for that and i love jewelcrafting but now im a jc who cant make any epic cuts, y cant a player log on do his own thing instead of having to depend on raiders to get his mats (either for jewelcrafting or mats for craftable gear) im not asking for the items to be handed to me but their needs to be a way that non raiding players have access to this stuff