Transmogrification and Leatherworking

I thank you all for your patience during my recent absence for a family trip. Some news about Patch 4.3 came out during that time, which I kept tabs on from afar. Since none of it was related to crafting, I chose not to comment on it. In the past few days I've had more time to mull over the introduction of transmogrification and I've come up with an idea that may have merit.

I'm sure many players will be building Tier sets for their new look, but I think some folks will want to break out of that mold. Whether it's about role-playing their toon or just striking a different aesthetic, there could be room for some crafted goodies in the mix. For me, I actually prefer some of the simpler models over the elaborate raid art. Plus, some of the basic gear gives you an opportunity to build a look with a unique personality. As I was flipping through some of the official hunter and druid sets I really had a hard time finding something that I really felt excited about. Maybe I'm just too girly for the artwork that has predominated WoW, but most of the tier sets were just meh to me.

On the other hand, I've always had some personal faves in the crafted gear. So I thought I'd put together a set of posts that showcase the attractive and more interesting items from various professions. In this post I'm going to talk about Leatherworking. Since my main is a druid, this is the gear she'd be looking at. Also, Leatherworking covers four different classes so I think it has the largest pool of potential shoppers.

Leather Gear

First, I'd like to call out a few awesome helms that would be fun to build a gear set around. First, we have the Wolfshead Helm, an iconic item from classic WoW:

Next I'll draw your attention to an item from Burning Crusade, the Stylin' Purple Hat. There are actually a few variations on this look, but these "pimp" hats are so unique that I think they have a lot of potential to build a look around:

Another fun hat to use would be the Comfortable Leather Hat. This is a very nice, fishing-style hat:

Finally, I found this really pretty bandit hood, also from Burning Crusade . The Windscale Hood would look amazing with an appropriate Rogue set that's lacking a good helm:

Moving on to some of the "sets" that Leatherworkers can make, most of these are not full armor sets. This might be a problem for some players, but I think most could be paired with some neutral items for a solid look.

The first set I want to highlight is the Warbear Set, which consists of just two items. But what items! For any guy out there who likes his gals a little tough, this set is going to draw attention. You can see in this image that you're getting a very skimpy top with a bikini bottom. Pair this with some black boots and gloves and you have a really good "trashy" look ;)

The next set I want to show you is the Voodoo Set. There are four items in this set but you really just a robe and a mask. These two items are so distinctive that you don't really need more pieces to achieve the look. If you've ever wanted to look like the pygmy gnomes, this outfit is for you:

Another very unique look can be achieved by using the Ironfeather/Windhawk sets. The Ironfeather set is a tunic and shoulder piece, seen here:

If you're a pre-WotLK Leatherworker, you can mix in some items from the Windhawk set such as the bracers and belt. Or for a slightly different look, you can add the Feathered Breastplate. Here are some pics of those items:

Another dominatrix-inspired look can be achieved by wearing the Wicked Leather set. There are a good number of items in this set, although I personally didn't think the belt matched very well. If you agree, you can swap in the Guardian Belt or Dark Leather Belt (Guardian is the one pictured).

A classic rogue look by reader-request is the Stormshroud set. Sadly the boots that match this set are no longer available in-game. Also, most of the drop recipes are no longer dropping. However, if you can find an old-school LW to make it, you're in business. I've paired the set with a plain BOE shoe (Dandred or Aboraz):

I also found a few random items that I thought might be useful to include in a look. The first item is the Black Whelp Tunic that would be helpful for a rogue set (or other "ninja" style set):

The next top is one that I have always loved. I made it for Kaliope when she was a wee lass and I was sad to give it up. The Moonglow Vest is a pretty purple top with a nice slinky look to it. If you want to show off your curves, this top would be a good place to start:

Another piece that could be helpful when building an outfit is the Deviate Scale Gloves. These gloves have an attractive fingerless style with a pretty purple design. They could be a good accent piece for an outfit that has bulky, unappealing set gloves (namely, all of them):

The above items are all leather gear that would be used by Rogues and Druids. Leatherworkers can also make mail armor for Shamans and Hunters. Sadly there's not as many fun items in the mail catalogue, but there are a handful of looks that can be achieved with mail.

Mail Gear

The first item I was to share is another of the "stylin" series. This is the Stylin' Crimson Hat, a recolored version of the leather hat that's available for mail wearers:

One of the mini-sets that's available for hunters is the Felstalker set. This is from the Burning Crusade era and has three pieces. What I love about these items is their vibrant red color, something you don't see much of in the hunter tier sets:

Two sets from classic WoW are the Heavy Scorpid and Tough Scorpid gear. These items use basically the same artwork, with the Tough Scorpid being a slight color variation on the look:

Another set that I personally like is the Black Dragonscale set from classic WoW. You get enough items here to make almost a full look:

A couple of mini-sets from the Ahn'Qiraj era are the Sandstalker and Spitfire gear from the Cenarion Circle faction. The Sandstalker in particular is a very eye-catching aquatic color scheme paired with seriously skimpy styling:

Finally, I spotted this tunic from the WotLK collection that I thought had a nice design to it:

This is just some of the more unique and interesting pieces I found in the Leatherworking catalogue. I hope it gives you some ideas for sets you can build that fall outside of the overblown "buff" look that most of our Tier armor tends to follow. With Transmogrification you can finally say something meaningful about your character and who they are. I don't know about you, but I see a lot more personality in some of these items than what we get in the official armor sets.

Feel free to post your own ideas below and make suggestions of other items I've missed. We can even add them to the gallery!


  1. I think this will finally allow crafters to provide real value. There are some beautiful robes early on that make the higher level robes look boring. The red linen robe is gorgeous my favorite for my human priest. But at 85, she can only wear it around town!

  2. I agree with you, Tailoring has some great items! In the slow months before Burning Crusade hit, I made Kaliope the Mooncloth Robe and she looked positively divine it in =) I'm looking forward to covering Tailoring next and showing off all the terrific items they can make.

  3. TYVM.

    Everyone makes fun of my rest shaman's ZA helm; it truly is atrocious. So the styling crimson hat is my first item!

    I am looking for simple (it is a shame that you can't use whites); there is enough ostentatious in WoW. The armor gets larger and more baroque with each tier.

    BTW, you mentioned hunters, but as long as it has stats and does not have class requirements, it is fair game. E.g., my int/spirit resto shaman could morg from the felstalker set in spite of the agility. I think.

    Ultimately, I shall want a table/Google spreadsheet showing the *source* of these patterns. E.g., make sure my LW alt has the HH-honored to get the felstalker patterns. or start stalking the AH for patterns. I know I will be giving out some war bear gifts.

    Thx again.

  4. I see no reason that shaman/hunters can't mix and match gear as long as it's not tier stuff. I tried to link the patterns above so folks can get a rough idea where it comes from. A good number of these items are BOE drop recipes, vendors and trainers. A few are faction-based like the warbear and felstalker gear. The only raid drop is the Windscale Hood.

    And yes, the newer gear is very elaborate compared to Classic/BC. You can't even see your character anymore - all you see is their bling!

  5. Great roundup Kali! I might have to use a few of these in an upcoming Warcaft Looks post. I'm always on the lookout for great and interesting looking items.

  6. I just made the tough scorpid set for my shaman - there was absolutely zero agi gear on the AH but I liked the look so much, I've kept it for mogging later :) I also picked up the Stylin' jungle hat pattern this week after a few attempts to get one of the stylin hats & the black dragonscale set is also on my list - I think I'm only missing 1 pattern for that. As for tailoring, I snagged the Mooncloth robe pattern too just this week!

    Seems like we have similar tastes :P

  7. Nev: Lol - great minds and all that! Hopefully featuring some of the nice items from past expansions will encourage other crafters to seek out these older patterns for their aesthetic.

    Flux: Thanks! So glad you stopped by and feel free to share the love. Anything that can help crafters is a good deal in my book :)

  8. This is a great post, and please, please do one for tailoring. As has been mentioned above, these older sets look so much more...elegant...than the newer stuff. I'll probably be going T4 for my priest, but I love all the options!

  9. There is a guide that someone has posted on the official boards about how to get your toon to look like she is wearing a bikini. Might be of some use to you.

    The Stormshroud Armor set.
    My rogues and druids always get this while leveling, and keep it in their banks for later.

    Great ideas, Kaliope!

  11. I thought about including the Stormshroud set, but I wasn't sure it was distinctive enough to feature. I will go ahead and put a pic of it with the others and then folks will know it's an option :)

  12. Looks great! That black dragonscale is sick! I NEED to have that too. Cool stuff.

  13. Great post and love the stormshroud! You might get some hits from my blog (The WOW Debutante) soon!

  14. Good deal, thanks for spreading the love :)

  15. Resurrecting this in comments, sorry if thats a no-no :)

    here is my suggestion for Black Dragonscale set, it includes very easy to make pieces and looks pretty awesome imo :)

  16. The Black Dragonscale set is mail gear, not leather. Just so you know!

  17. Jou: Excellent catch! I think you're right, the match is spot on :) Thanks for sharing!

    Kalarah: Yes, about half this gear is mail but all items are made by Leatherworkers, hence their inclusion in the post :)