Molten Front Vendor Wares

We had a question a while back asking about vendor prices at the Molten Front. I'm sure you guys know by now that once a vendor is unlocked we can buy any of his/her wares with gold. That doesn't mean these items are cheap however. I managed to get some screenshots of two of the vendors while the PTR was up. Hopefully these will give you an idea of what your target items are going to cost...

And for something completely different - pics of a couple of the novelty items you can buy:

The Crimson Lasher pet

The Mushroom Chair (can't wait to take this on my next fishing trip!)

I also have a tip to share about the vendor quests. On the PTR Ayla was locked and wouldn't let you see her goodies when you first encountered her. Damek was not locked and you could browse his stuff. I don't know how they will function when we finally see them on the live realms, I suspect that Damek was the bugged one. I stumbled on a little trick that let me see Ayla's stuff before I completed her quest. If you accept the quest from each vendor, they will let you browse their goods. So just pick up all the quests from the vendors to see their inventory. This was a huge relief for me because I kept getting confused over who sold what item. It's annoying to have to pop out to the web to see what the vendors have available. Hopefully this will still work on the Live realms and help you guys avoid turning your hard-earned tokens over to the wrong person.

Good luck you guys - we're in the home stretch!

** UPDATE ** Just unlocked the vendor phase on my Blacksmith this morning. It appears that the oddity with browsing the vendors still works as I described above. Damek will let you view his items without any problem. Ayla and Varlan will let you browse their wares after you accept their quest. You can start both quests, you're not limited to just one at a time.

Also, Damek has a faction discount for those in good standing with the Thorium Brotherhood. If you're an old-school Smith like me, you'll get a discount on his recipes. The other two vendors are showing Guardians of Hyjal as their affiliation, so I assume the faction discounts apply to them as well.


  1. So what's the first date that people will be able to buy the gem bag pattern, assuming they've maxed out their marks and such?

  2. I believe next Wednesday is when the first vendors will be unlocked. Each player can unlock all three but they will likely pick their recipe vendor first. You should start seeing these crafted items show up in your Auction House on Wednesday, possibly right after the dailies reset.

  3. I will be unlocking the BS / Engie vendor on Tuesday. I managed to sneak in a few extra dailies on the double reset day after the patch. I'm hoping the scope will sell well before raiding.

    Got 50 orbs and mats for over 100 scopes saved up :-).

  4. Wow, that's awesome! Let us know how it turns out :)

  5. Thorium Brotherhood is *insanely* easy to get exalted with now, incidentally, for that discount.

    Either about an hour and half of MC solo runs for drops, or some questing and dark iron residue turn-ins.

  6. Thanks for sharing that info! I haven't done the TB rep grind since Vanilla, so I wasn't sure if it survived the Cataclysm :)