Not Gone, Just Taking TOO Long!

I apologize for not putting more posts online the past few weeks folks. I've been working on the new Guardians of Hyjal quests so I could write up a walk-through for you. Unfortunately every time I think I'm close to finishing, I end up unlocking a new phase. I thought I'd be able to publish my information last week, then this week, now I'm hoping for next week. Either way, this thing is dragging out big time. The bad news is that I haven't found any new recipes on trainers or vendors. So my focus is on the Firelands dailies and it's taking FOREVER!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple of screenshots I've taken to tide you guys over...

This is Alysrazor, one of the bosses from the Firelands raid. He decided to pop out and say hello to the questing peeps at Malfurion's Breach (the Phase Two quest hub).

This is a pic I took of Malorne, who stops by his Sanctuary in Mount Hyjal while you're working through the new quests there. I thought he was fairly impressive :) But for some reason the dangling earrings he's wearing look like eyeballs to me, which is kinda freaky.

You can click on both of these to see the full size versions. I'm hoping I'll be able to unlock the first wave of recipes in another week. I may post the walk-thru before that, I'm undecided on that part :)

** UPDATE ** Just finished the "Shadow Wardens" step today. Bad news is... no new dailies. It appears that 25 tokens per day is the maximum available. Good news is that one of the vendors is letting me see his wares without completing his quests! So I can document his goodies now and work on unlocking the other NPC with the time I have left. Woot!!


  1. Thank you so much.

    When you post the guide, could you help us numbers people out. E.g., when will the first day the bag recipes be available?

    For two reasons:

    1) having the recipe available the first day will be so much more profitable than day 4 or day 40.

    2) If the Great and Wonderful Kaliope is having a problem with the slog, we mere mortals are justifiably daunted.

    E.g., is the whole thing 20/4 + 200/8 + 375/12 days? Even 695/12 is a number of days and you can't do 12 marks per day initially? It's a tad confusing.


  2. Hagu: I'm doing my best to document the number of tokens and days needed to get to the recipe vendors. It's a bit confusing for me too and I'm doing the work! Right now I'm sitting at about 19 days just to finish the pre-requisites for the vendors. I'm not sure if more quests will become available to me after this next part, I'll know more tomorrow. If there are no new quests, it will take me another 5 days to unlock a vendor.

    At this point I'm not going to have time to unlock all three vendors before the patch is out as I'd hoped. That's partially why I'm toying with posting early, just to get the information out there ahead of the patch. I can always add more later if necessary :)

  3. now that you told me about the eyeballs, that's all i can see... omg

  4. Muhahahaha!! That was my evil plan! Now if Blizzard would just put the blue bug report button back into the PTR builds, I could have shared that little nugget without posting it to the world. But hey, that's the way it is.