More Fun with The Undermine Journal

I thought you guys might be interested in this new trick I found when using TUJ for auction alerts. Some of you may recall in the early days of Cataclysm I mentioned that I'd been selling the Hardened Obsidium Bracers with good success. They're not on the hit list for leveling blacksmiths, yet they make a strong item for leveling tanks. This creates a situation where there are rarely any up for sale, but they are snapped up like hotcakes when you post some. I'm still selling 1 or more every day that I remember to post, although I make a point to list just one so buyers don't get lulled into thinking there's a glut of supply. The problem for me has been that I don't always remember to post, especially when I've sold my last one and need to make a new batch.

A week ago it occurred to me that it would be awfully nice if TUJ would send me an alert when there are no bracers on the Auction. That way I'd get a message when my current item is sold and a reminder to post a new one. I looked up the item page for the bracers and sure enough there's an option for this:

You can see in this image that if I change the first box to "available buyout quantity" I can set the last box to "1" and TUJ will email me when the number of bracers is less than one. Now I get emails any time my bracers are sold and it's time to post a new one :) This is most helpful first thing in the morning when I typically check my email. Normally I wouldn't think to monitor auctions this early in the day, but quite frequently my bracers have sold overnight and it's time for a new one. If TUJ wasn't sending out notifications, I probably wouldn't get around to checking auctions until lunchtime or midafternoon.

I'm also using this setup to notify me when the supply of Cataclysm engineered pets is gone. I prefer not to compete with ten other Engineers who post items for a sneeze above the mats. However, if the supply is depleted I'm in a position to set whatever price I want. So I let TUJ tell me when the quantity is zero and then I post my goodies.

This system works pretty well for items that tend to fluctuate in quantity or generally have low supply. I don't think this would be very helpful for items that are always available, such as Cata herbs, glyphs, etc. The Availability history (second chart on the page) will give you an idea of the volume of items that are seen on your server over a two week period. If you see consistent drops down to nothing, you've got an item with good potential for this type of alert.

A different way of dealing with high volume items might be to use the "cheapest cost to buy" option for notifications, and set a price alert that warns you when the cheapest item is over XX price. For example, you could create an alert where "cheapest cost to buy" 1 whiptail is over 4 gold. When the alert comes in, you know that there's no cheap whiptail on the auction and you can swoop in and post some! I haven't actually played around with this idea yet, but it might be workable for high volume goodies.

Let us know in the Comments if you have any other useful TUJ tricks!


  1. This is a great idea!! I could use this for posting the boa enchants :)

    Thanks Kaliope!

  2. This is good. In you can use the notifications for buying those rare items when they appear. TUJ also had a twitter notification service but that hasn't worked out well for me - maybe it was my blackberry but I just didn't get the twitter notifications (email is spot on though).

  3. I was a little confused, your post says elementium bracers, but they are the Obsidium bracers. :D

  4. Oops, my bad! Thanks for pointing out the error :)

  5. Thanks for the tip! It's a good one.