Guardians of Hyjal Vendors

With Patch 4.2 around the corner, everyone is excited for new content. Luckily this patch includes lots of new crafting goodies for almost every profession. Even if you're not a raider, you can make new gear for the PVP crowd. I think the top of many of our ToDo lists is unlocking the new vendors from the Firelands zone. I've been working on this guide to help you guys out with that. This information isn't intended to explain all the quests to you, there are other sites that will be more useful for that. The focus of my walk-thru is to give you an idea of the progression involved with unlocking new vendors so you can buy their recipes.

If you haven't done so already, you need to play through the Mount Hyjal quests to unlock the "Regrowth" phase. This will take around 84 quests and 2-3 hours of play time to complete (you can use your achievement tracker to monitor progress). Specifically you should finish the quests at Nordrassil, the Shrine of Goldrinn and the Grove of Aessina. Then you need to free Tortolla at the Shrine of Malorne and revive Aviana. Once you turn in Aessina's Miracle, the "Regrowth" will be phased in and you can pick up new quests at the Shrine of Malorne from Matoclaw. Her quests will eventually lead you through the portal and grant access to the Firelands and the new daily quests. I would recommend completing the Regrowth before 4.2 goes live.

On the first day of questing for the Firelands, you'll get 12 tokens. This includes 8 tokens for doing lead-in quests and 4 tokens for the first set of dailies. You'll also pick up a quest to collect 20 tokens so you can unlock the next phase of quests. You'll need to do two more days of dailies to get the first 20 tokens, so you're looking at three days spent in Phase One. Once you have 20 tokens, you give them to Arch Druid Hamuul. Then he'll send you on a short quest chain to set up the Firelands location. You'll get 15 more tokens for doing the final quest, which almost replaces the 20 you gave Hamuul. At that point you can jump right into the newly unlocked dailies, which sets your first day tally for Phase Two at 23 Marks. While you're at the Molten Front, don't forget to check in with Zen'Vorka - a new vendor who is unlocked in Phase Two. He has a few iLevel 365 baubles that might be useful for your toon, which you can buy with gold.

There are four quests at the new Molten Front area which will reward a total of 8 tokens. You can still do dailies at the Hyjal location and collect 14 tokens per day in Phase Two. It takes about 11 days to get all of the 150 tokens you need to reach Phase Three. Once you have the tokens, you return to Hyjal and give them to either Saynna Stormrunner at the Sanctuary of Malorne or Skylord Omnuron at the Shrine of Aviana. I went with Omnuron so I could suck up to the Druids of the Talon, but you can pick Saynna if you prefer the Shadow Wardens. After Omnuron flies off, make sure you grab a new quest from the Innkeeper downstairs. She sends you to meet the druids at Malfurion's Breach.

Once you arrive in the Firelands in this phase, there's a new daily available and a quest from Omnuron. He wants you to escort a druid through the fire. This is a typical escort quest where you fight mobs while following the NPC. Just be careful to stay back or you'll take extra fire damage. Completing this quest unlocks the next hub which is underground. There are two daily quests down there, as well as another escort quest. Doing the second escort unlocks a third daily quest at the next hub. Once you complete the underground quests, you are sent back up where you can pick up two more daily quests. Most of the daily quests in Phase 3 are chained. Each day you must complete the Phase 2 dailies before getting Phase 3 dailies. Once you turn in the Phase 2 quests at Malfurion's Breach, the escort quest will light up which let's you start the Phase 3 dailies.

During Phase 3 you can earn 25 tokens per day by doing 14 total daily quests. You'll be stuck in Phase 3 until you collect two sets of 150 tokens for the Shadow Wardens and the Druids of the Talon. That's right, you have to unlock both of them. You can expect to spend about 6 days earning each set of 150 tokens, so 12 days total in Phase 3. Once you give 150 tokens to the leaders of both groups, three NPCs will show up at the Molten Front. Each offers a quest to collect 125 tokens for them.

Completing all 14 of the new Firelands quests was taking me about 45 minutes each day. It might go faster if you have a group to do it with you. These 14 quests will reward 25 tokens per day. So the most tokens you'll get in any one day is 25 and this is only after you reach Phase 3. It takes 5 days to unlock each vendor once you've completed all the steps leading up to them. Phase 1 takes three days, followed by Phase 2 which takes 11 days. Phase 3 takes 6 days per faction, so 12 days total. Including the 5 days to actually unlock a vendor, you're looking at 31 days to gain access to the new recipes. Add another five days for each additional vendor you want to unlock.

While this seems like a ton of work (and who are we kidding, it IS!) there's a good chance that less-than-dedicated crafters will poop out before the finish line. Especially folks who spend a lot of time raiding and maybe don't really need the gear that's for sale, they might not stay with this for the full 31 days. Those of you who do manage to keep going day after day will reap the rewards. And who knows, this might end up being an interesting experiment for Blizzard to see which types of players are willing to work hard for great new recipes.


  1. Thanks Kaliope. Reading that through explained exactly what I need to do and the timescale to get the new patterns.

    Roll on 4.2!

  2. 31 days??? That is gonna be a drag as I need/want to do it on my BS, LW and tailor. I am now hoping there are no JC or enchanting stuff out there as well.

  3. I guess I'm a "less-than-dedicated" crafter, since I pooped out just from reading about all that work :P.

    Thanks for the info, though. It helps to get some idea of when the market should become fully saturated.

  4. Raxx: Awesome! I was worried that even this would be hard to follow, I rewrote the Phase 3 section at least 5 times to make it less confusing :)

    Ev: I did not see any recipes except BS/LW/TL/EG. That doesn't mean they can't add it later on, but for now only those 4 skills are represented.

    Kath: Lol! I gotta say that I got discouraged in the middle of Phase 3 (crap, I gotta get *another* 150 tokens??). On the other hand this may keep the recipes fairly exclusive if enough people agree that it's too much work.

  5. Nice! and Thanks! Can't wait to get that nice int necklace from Zin'Vorka:

  6. Oops, I have already posted a few links back to this, but I forgot to post my huge thank you.

    Just thinking, I assume this is a huge gold faucet? If you have your 690 (/cry) MotWT mount then you would have received about 9,000g just in quest rewards, not counting loot. The few 1 mark quests I read about seemed to be just under 13g and 2 marks with double that? Do you recall if they all paid about that?

  7. No I haven't been tracking the cash payments, but I'm still doing the quests to unlock the vendor. I'll see what kind of money they're doling out for various types of quests.

  8. Just popped in and looked at three of my Hyjal quests:

    1) 2nd part of 2 part quest, gives 2 tokens and 16.54 gold (part 1 of this quest 1 token/12.40g)

    2) Non elite kill quest, 1 token + 16.54 gold

    3) Elite kill quest, 2 tokens and 20.67 gold

    Most of the 2-token quests I checked were giving 16.54 gold except the one elite quest listed above.

  9. Please I'm having trouble keeping up with the info for 4.2.

    The vendors are they like 1 for each profession and that vendor has all that crafts patterns?
    So if my professions are spread out on 4 toons I only have to open one vendor on each toon.

  10. Anon: Sadly, the recipes are not all on one vendor. There are three vendors for this content and each vendor requires 125 tokens to unlock. The first vendor has Blacksmithing/Engineering recipes. The second vendor has Leatherworking/Tailoring bag recipes. The third vendor has no recipes at all. All three vendors have different types of gear and a few novelty items like pets. Depending on your needs, you may want access to all three vendors. The best information for these vendors is this post:

    MMO-Champ Hyjal Vendors, etc

  11. Kaliope, could you please confirm if any/all of these dailies reward reputation, and if so what faction? I've heard both Guardians of Hyjal and Avengers of Hyjal, not sure what to believe. Also heard that the only way to gain rep with Avengers is to down bosses in the raid, so this has got me quite confused. ;)

  12. Great question! The daily quests reward Guardians of Hyjal reputation. I got to Exalted from low Revered doing the dailies. Since you are required to do at least 2/3rds of Hyjal to even unlock the dailies, I think it would be hard not to reach Exalted with the amount of dailies you'll be doing.

    I have not gotten any Avengers of Hyjal rep out here, not even an empty bar to show that I've spoken with anyone of that group. I suspect that is the raid faction.

  13. There are times when I hate wow and reading your excellent write up is one of those times. I know that this sounds somewhat whiney but the type of reward set up in 4.2 penalizes certain types of players. My main has dual gathering professions. Since, by definition, she's my main I'm going to do all those quests and get all that rep and get zero out of it for my BS/ENG/LW alts. She'll get a few pets, which is nice, but I really feel that Blizzard is heavily penalizing me simply because I chose dual gathering professions all those years ago on my main. Yes, I know that I could drop them and relevel new professions but it really seems unfair to me that I should have to do that. I put in the same effort as other people and yet I don't get the same rewards as other people. I would much rather see a system where a player is limited to buying only one of each item, but the item is BOA. That way I can put in all the effort on my main, and yet get the rewards I want on my alt. If you think about it, that's in essence what the new RDF satchels allow one to do. So why not here? It's frustrating.

  14. Excellent, that's what I was hoping - GoH rep. =)

    Great write-up btw, once again you deliver where everybody else fails. Keep up the good work!

  15. Anon: I agree with your feelings on this situation, I found myself harboring the same angst as I did these dailies. I have four different toons who could benefit from the recipes (BS, LW, TL, EG), but who wants to grind this content four times? I admit I secretly wished that the recipes were BOA so I could trade them to the other gals in my lineup without doing the month of quests on each one.

    On the other hand, Blizzard is giving us the ability to acquire raid quality recipes without raiding. This doesn't happen often so I hate to crap on them for giving an opportunity we didn't get in WotLK. I believe all the upgraded recipes for Lich King content came from Ulduar, ToC and ICC, so this is an improvement in that sense. Assuming the new drop recipes are BOE, we'll have some recipes that can be bought via auctions and some we can earn via dailies. Technically that's an improvement, even if it still penalizes certain players unfairly (my Engie/Enchanter is still sore that she can't skin mobs for volatiles).

    At the end of the day, Blizzard is still designing content that can only be fully utilized by max level characters. Until they shift that philosophy we'll continue to see artificial barriers to various types of tradeskill content. I think their solution is to make leveling faster, instead of removing character level from the equation as some of us would like. I would love to see that change someday, until then we're stuck with prioritizing as best we can.

    Ceri: You are too kind - I'm happy I could help =)

  16. Thanks for this post, it has helped me decide whether to do the dailies for pure loot items from the vendors. 31 days of grinding seems an awfully long time.

    So were the dailies themselves actually fun, was the sense of progression and opening up stuff worthwhile? Or do you need to grind and bear it like the Tol Barad dailies were?

  17. Rak: I'm glad I could help! As with anything Blizzard, there is a bit of fun iced onto the grind. One of the dailies is from Mylune (the critter loving gal) and I enjoy that one. The Phase Two quests are fairly easy and quick. I'm not a fan of the escort quest in Phase 3 or the underground quests. But there's a bombing quest in Phase 3 that's enjoyable. So there's a mix of both. I prefer the Phase 1 and 2 quests over Phase 3. By the time I got to the last week or so it definitely felt more like the Tol Barad slog. I think that's probably true of any dailies that you have to do for weeks, they're just going to get old.

  18. >The first vendor has Blacksmithing/Engineering recipes. The second vendor has Leatherworking/Tailoring bag recipes. <

    Oh yeah, I was all psyched abt my BS/Tailoring alt reducing the grind I have to make decisions on which vendor to hit first.

    Ah well, at least I only have two toons to grind thru (since my eng isn't up to 85 yet and I just don't care enough abt him to make myself do it).

    Your post was definitely clear, prob gonna wind up printing it out and crying over it every night for the next month.

    You're right, too, though; I hope everyone on my server whines and doesn't make it thru :p

  19. Thanks for this awesome guide, I am so excited to get the new patch, and the Firelands opened up. My daughter and I will be doing the quest together, so it won't be such of a grind.

  20. Thanks, Kaliope! I'm not much of a dailies guy, but it'll be worthwhile for the recipes. Your guide helps it feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even if the tunnel is soooooo long! Great work as always.

    A question--since it will take everyone the same 31 days (or more) to unlock the new recipes, do you think holding on to raw mats for another 3 weeks or so makes sense, to get the best prices from the crafters desperate to bust out their new items?

  21. Based on the action I've seen so far, I think the spike will more likely be in 31 days. Perhaps others are seeing differently, but the mats on my realm have stayed fairly close to 4.1 prices with the exception of some high demand times.

  22. Agreed, Kaliope--if there is any spike at all. With the month-long period between 4.2 opening and the new recipes becoming available, I just have a feeling so many people are gathering/mining now that they're going to overwhelm the crafting demand once it hits.

  23. how do people already have the patterns? ive been doing these quests since they popped!

  24. There were some badly timed server resets in the first day or two which allowed some players to do the dailies twice in one day. As a result those players were able to finish the whole chain earlier than intended. For some reason Blizzard did not see fit to adjust their tokens to compensate for the error.