Nice People Actually Exist!

I want to give a quick shout-out to Cashani of Thunderlord for popping onto my realm to whisper me after we did two BGs together. She was kind enough to thank me for my heals and invite me to look her up on Thunderlord. I was very tickled to get a whisper from a random stranger and just wanted to say:

You made my day!

Thank you for your kind words - I had a blast keeping you alive even though we didn't manage to win either battle :)

And I thought I would share with the rest you that there are still nice people out there!


  1. Heartwarming! True kindness is very rarely seen these days where fellow players are more or less treated as NPCs.

  2. Nice!

    It bothers me when on PuGs people are referred to by their role/class ... like saying "Pull when ready Tank". I always try to mention players by their name, or at least part of it to avoid that feeling of "Playing with NPCs that don't even say Hello!"

    Glad to hear there are people that still remember there's a player behind the avatar :)

  3. Agassou @ Los Errantes (EU)May 16, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    Kaliope, do you know why is the Dark Portal on fire?
    All this area on Blasted Lands is burning!
    Thanks for your blog.

  4. Vlad: I agree with you about folks who use class names instead of character names. I find that very tacky and always address other players by their name. Three or four characters is enough to differentiate most players from the rest of the group. And it doesn't take any more effort to type "Vlad" than it does "Mage" or "Tank"!

    Agassou: I would assume the Burning Legion is the blame for all the crazy fire. Either that or Deathwing did a fly-by =) Glad you're enjoying the blog!

  5. everytime i see someone in my random groups or BGs from llane i hope its you :) Sadly i am always disappointed

  6. Rofl Rien! I've been TOO chicken to do any random Heroics in Cata. I may have to suck it up now since I just got Chelley's Staff of Awesomeness from our BoT trash run today (a big shout out goes to Dyerseve for not rolling against me and guaranteeing I would get the staff!) and now my healing set is at 342 ilevel.

    In the last month or so I've forced myself to do some BGs and a few normal dungeons to practice my healing. It's been like 9 months since I got into the Beta and stopped doing raids, so I'm quite rusty. And like most healers/tanks I've been hesitant to run Heroics. I've been trying to beef up my gear so I can run them without stressing.

    If you want to maximize your chances of running into me I'm typically in-game from 8pm to 12am (West Coast time) most days. I tried to put Cashani on my friends list but it wouldn't let me. Too bad we can't do cross-server friends lists, it would be awesome to hang out with you guys in-game!