New TradeTrak Available!

We've just posted a new, 4.1 friendly version of TradeTrak on WoWInterface and This latest version includes all the latest goodies such as the Origami Beetle, Glyph of Frost Armor and the two specialty items for Engineers! As of today TradeTrak is actually more current than Crafter's Tome :) I'm still working on correcting redundancies with the Wrath gems, so we're not quite ready to update the web site yet. However if you want the latest and greatest information, you can nab a copy of TradeTrak at:

TradeTrak @

TradeTrak @ WoWInterface

Both sites are now showing the latest file that I posted this morning, so feel free to use either link :)


  1. I'd like to see it include some features from Ackis Recipe List which is what I use. Namely where to get the recipes from, skill levels too. It also works with other peoples' crafting links.

  2. I would love to bring you guys some additional features, but sadly my husband has limited time for us with the other 3 sites he also manages. However, I'm hoping to spend some of my free time this summer learning Lua. With any luck I'll pick up enough to add a few new features to TradeTrak =)

  3. Kaliope, pls tell your hubby thank you from all of us crafters!

    i got a huge smile on my face when i saw tradetrak on my update list!