New Tailoring Recipes from the 4.2 Test Realm

As promised, here are the screenshots I took last night from the PTR. This looks like two full sets of item level 358 PVP gear purchased from the trainer and the cloth vendor (11 trainer/6 vendor). The Embersilk set appears to be slightly more healer-focused with two of the pieces sporting Spirit. The Fireweave set is probably intended for damage casters, although the distinction is pretty small with these items.

Here are the recipe images from the Embersilk set:

Of these recipes the Robe, Pants and Cowl are bought from the cloth trader. The other six recipes are available from the trainer. These recipes exactly mirror the current Emberfire items, so this appears to be the same upgrade situation that I found with Leatherworking. The component materials are identical to the existing recipes.

Here are the items in the Fireweave set:

The Pants, Robe and Cowl recipes are bought from the vendor and the rest are learned from the trainer. This set does not include the new Cape recipe as the Embersilk set does. The cape is the only new item in this list, prior to this Tailors had no crafted cloak for Cataclysm. Personally I think they could use a couple more for PVE healers and casters, but that's just me :)

Be sure and post in the Comments if you have any questions about these items or want to suggest more research for a future post!


  1. I miss high-end PvE tailoring recipes being obtained from endgame raid drops. This increased the incentive to raid, increased the tailor's profits, and helped distinguish people by gear more. Do you think these recipe drops will make a comeback, or will recipes continue to be easily obtained from vendors?

  2. You may well get your wish since the recipe info that's showing up in the data files points to a BOE recipe item. Personally I'm not a fan of that system since I feel crafters should be able to follow their craft regardless of their PVE/PVP leanings. If you love crafting you should be able to pursue that in it's own right, but that's just my opinion. Clearly Blizzard prefers that raid-level recipes only go to raiders.

  3. Excellent works as usual Kaliope. Its good to see us Tailors are finally getting a cloak to make, shame its BoP though.

    Now, is Engineering getting any love in 4.2?

  4. I'm with Kaliope over WInerpine here.

    If you get to 85 and find you or your guild doesn't like Cata raiding, there is not a lot to do except play Rift. A small % can PvP or chase achievements, but I agree that being able to have viable crafting alts would be nice. But the intent of the now gone level 84 recipes and raider only professions is to push the non-raiding crafters to leave. Nor do I see a great overlap between the people who want to kill Sinestra and the people who want to craft.

    Doing both is fine, but you should not need to craft to raid (level 70 mooncloth set) or raid to craft.

  5. I was so distracted by the annoyance of raiding recipes, that I forgot to ask my question.

    Could you confirm my understanding of what you wrote for LW, BS & Tailoring?

    E.g., if you have a fireweave belt item, equipped or not, then it will stay a 339 with the same name.

    If you have already learned the fireweave belt pattern, then the spell will be removed in 4.2 and replaced in your spellbook with the bloodthirsty version of the pattern?

    So there is no reason to learn or not learn the patterns prior to 4.2 (patterns cost the same)? You save some time going ahead and learning them but have the risk Blizzard acts like Blizzard and the upgrade was a PTR-only thing and you have to relearn on Live.

    But clearly it appears to be safer to not have any product in stock when it hits?


  6. Raxx: TYVM for the props, I'm happy to bring the info :) I see no reason for the cloak to be BOP, you should add this to the PTR thread I created for JC/IS. I will see what I can find for Engineers, I haven't checked them out yet.

    Hagu: I'm pretty confident on the LW upgrade situation since my druid was wearing one of the 339 pieces and it did not get modified on the PTR. The recipes in my tradeskill window WERE upgraded. The coding needed to preserve existing 339 items while upgrading the tradeskill spells feels like something they wouldn't undo lightly, my gut says it took more work to make that happen than adding a whole second set of recipes would have required. I may recopy Kaliope to the PTR since she has more recipes now, just to be certain on that point. That's on my ToDo list. I also have a Tailor I can try to do some tests with, she's not leveled yet but I can probably push her up a bit to unlock a few PVP recipes.

    Right now I personally plan to learn the recipes and benefit from the auto-upgrade process. I feel fairly confident that this isn't something they would take the time to implement if they weren't committed to it. The fact that they rolled it out to three different professions also seems pretty convincing. If you're truly concerned about them pulling the rug out from under you, just stock the heavy leather/bolts/bars to make the purchases after 4.2 hits.

    I would absolutely clear out your 339 items once 4.2 is close to dropping. There's no reason to take that risk when you can just stockpile mats to make 358 items on patch day. If for some reason the recipes don't get upgraded you would still have useful mats for other things.

  7. Raxx: I see no new recipes on the trainer or the Cog vendor. Will keep an eye out in case new stuff is added.

  8. Thanks for the report :) /Naraxi

  9. what do they cost?

  10. My latest blog post has vendor pricing for the new goodies :)