New Jewelcrafting Recipes in Patch 4.2

We had a comment yesterday indicating that there were some new Jewelcrafting recipes on the Test Realm, so I popped in this morning to track them down for you guys. It looks like Jewelcrafters will be able to pick up a handful of PVP-oriented jewelry items from the trainers in the next patch. There are three new rings and three new necklaces with some caster and melee flavors. These items also have an iLevel of 358, which is the same as the leather gear I wrote about yesterday. Here are the items with recipe information:

What I like about these recipes is the ingredients are much more workable for your typical Jewelcrafter than the 346 jewelry items. We have a higher usage of gems and a much lower reliance on volatiles. I don't know about you but coughing up 75 volatiles for one piece of jewelry is always tough for me. I also appreciate that they incorporated some of the less popular gems like Amberjewel. I've got rare gems piling up in my bank like tribbles, it'll be nice to have a good use for some of the ones that are selling for peanuts currently.

And for those of you still placing bets on epic gems, it's looking like a NO for 4.2 =)


  1. Yes, I always felt the jewelry was both underrepresented and needed an epic since BS/LW/Tailors could make 359 epics and were not stuck with 346 blues.

    Hmm, I was expecting epic gems for 4.2. It could just be Blizzard being coy since everyone regards JC and cutting gems as hugely profitable *whereas I tend to see cut gems going for 5-20 gold over the uncut with much competition.) The stormjewels are out so the epics should follow next patch.

    It could be driven by how the epic gems or recipes are seeded. If they require a new ore to be prospected (either for gems or titanium powder) or new dailies and tokens, then the epic gems may show up when the prerequisites are also coded and ready to be deployed.

    Do you see patterns for the Living Embers at the trainers? Current datamining (very easily subject to change) shows the il 378 items are BoP: e.g. "Boots of the Black Flame" ( The BoP items may become BoE; or it could be the patterns are boE and the items are BoP (a la Sunwell) But that is a change from cata since 378 BoP boots and hands are essentially profession perks; i.e. you get the item only if you have the profession. I am not enamoured with Cata and doubt I will raid before 5.0.3. But if the crafting patterns from the rest of this expansion are going to be raider only, then crafting is loses a lot for non-raiders.

    My open questions which I would appreciate you looking out for during your travels are:

    1) lev 84 for recipes requirement is gone but chaos orbs remain BoP?
    2) Living Embers from VP vendor or drop only?
    3) LE patterns are raid drop only (BoE or BoP?) and LE items still BoP?
    4) No insight on epic jewel & patterns (i.e. the keep running daily vs stockpile pyrite debate)?


  2. Any thoughts on their bind on pickup status?

  3. Hagu: To my mind the epic gem thing feels more like an issue of potency. We aren't far enough into the current expansion to need more powerful gems, therefore they aren't being released. At least that's my theory :) It's certainly possible that they may sneak them in later in this build cycle, but with so many other professions showing new recipes (including JC) it seems less likely.

    I have not seen Living Embers or BOE Chaos Orbs yet. One of the first things I did was check the Valor/Justice vendors in SW but so far nothing new. I will keep checking in future builds

    I checked the Hyjal rep vendor and there were no recipes there either. So far I cannot find the epic recipes on the trainers or the profession vendors. I will keep checking on these as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see these as a raid drop since that's how it was handled in WotLK (Ulduar). I'm not a fan of that method, but Blizzard seems to prefer it.

    As for the epic gem debate, I'm fence sitting at this point. I have a stash of pyrite that I'm saving, but not killing myself to build it up. I'm also stockpiling JC tokens - but again not killing myself to do it. I got out of gems early on, the price wars were too depressing for me.

    Econ: My guess is that it's an error, I can't imagine them putting in new PVP jewelry just to make it JC only. The new leather and plate is all BOE. That's another sign which would lead me to suspect an error on the JC items.

  4. Here is a sneak peak Kaliope, of a post that goes live tomorrow ( ). Some things we datamined in addition your items are PvP cloaks, relics, crafted weapons, and 36-slot bags.

  5. Lol, I think it's pretty "not live" since it gives me a 404 error :)

    I've already located 3 new items on the Inscription trainer, as well as the PVP cloaks from Leatherworking. I still need to frisk the Tailoring dude and perhaps the Blacksmithing trainer since the vendor isn't selling new weapons. I've got more stuff to post, it's just a matter of prepping the images.

  6. Oh cool, so you did find them. The BS recipes are BOP, so not sure where they are from. Maybe raiding but the ilevel is only 363 vs all the 378+ gear from firelands. Here this might help:

  7. "I've got rare gems piling up in my bank like tribbles"