Major Change in Patch 4.2 to Crafted Leather PVP Gear

I tweeted this morning that I was going onto the 4.2 PTR to track down new recipes. I started with the Leather trainer+vendor and found something pretty surprising. Instead of the new epic recipes I was hoping for, I found a huge number of changed items on the Leather trader. It appears that ALL of the crafted PVP gear will be getting upgraded when 4.2 goes live. I can only assume that it will coincide with a new arena season. I'm also going to assume that plate and cloth gears are getting a similar boost, although the PTR went down on me and I didn't get to check in with those vendors yet.

Here's what I've been able to dig up so far. The Leather traders are selling new versions of the PVP crafted items which will be called "Bloodthirsty" instead of "Bloodied". This upgraded gear will have an item level of 358 instead of 339 and gets an appropriate boost in stats. We'll also be getting a new set bonus for this gear with a respectable 400 resilience rating added to the pot. I took some screenshots to help demonstrate the changes. Here's the upgraded version of the Wyrmhide Bracer recipe on the PTR:

And here's the live version of the same recipe:

This is an actual pair of the bracers my druid wears now. It was taken on the PTR and you can see that it's the old version of the bracers:

Here's a pic of the same item in my tradeskill book on the PTR. You can see if I crafted new bracers on the Test Realm it would be the updated version:

Just for grins, here's the same recipe in my tradeskill book on the Live server. You can see that the mats are exactly the same:

I used this particular example recipe for a reason - this is the one of several "bloodied" recipes that I already know on the Live realms. I didn't buy this recipe on the PTR, these are the recipes I already had when I got to the Test Realm. But this bracer is the one piece of that gear that I actually made for myself and thus we can see exactly what is affected by the change. Existing gear made with the older version of the recipes will not be upgraded. This is important to know so you don't mass produce this stuff any more than you can sell before 4.2 drops.

The other important thing to note is that the exact same mats are used and it appears that these are the exact same recipes which you already have. So if you haven't bought all of these recipes yet, you can continue to do so and you'll automatically have the upgraded recipes when 4.2 goes live. You can also stockpile the current mats and be ready to crank out the upgraded versions the moment 4.2 is up.

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I kinda think this change is unprecedented in WoW. Not that recipes don't get tweaked and improved, that has happened before. But to me this looks like basically a Tier upgrade of a huge number of recipes. I count over 30 PVP recipes just in Leatherworking, this doesn't include changes that may go into Blacksmithing and Tailoring. And they aren't adding a new set of recipes to collect, they're simply modifying the recipes we already have. Now obviously it's good common sense to do that because no one will want to buy the older versions of the crafted PVP gear once these stronger versions are available. But for the first time that I can think of, instead of forcing us all to acquire a completely new set of recipes to get beefier items we will simply get the changes applied to our existing recipes. And a wave of tradeskill book bloat is averted - woohoo!! I for one applaud this methodology :)

UPDATE: The Tailoring and Blacksmithing trainers also have updated PVP gear which appears to be the same as the older items but with increased stats.


  1. They did announce at the start of Cata that there'd be upgraded craftable starting PVP gear coinciding with the folding of the better badges with the poorer ones, but I didn't expect the mats to stay the same, and for the recipes to just change.

  2. JC also got ilvl 358 rings and neck with resil on them.

  3. Nice find - I'm exited for this. PvP crafted items are a major source of my income and I wasn't looking forward to that market becoming obsolete.

  4. I'm with you there Jason, I've been making good money lately on PVP gear for rogues and hunters. Normally crafted gear gets left by the wayside once the first wave of expansion content is played out. I'll be glad to see that at least some of our wares will stay relevant awhile longer :)

    Now if that damn PTR would just come back up I could check the other vendors...

  5. Holy crap, awesome find, Kaliope! I was suspicious when I saw the recipes required the same mats, but I never would have expected the recipes themselves to just, *poof!* magically change. Good to know the already crafted gear doesn't get an auto-upgrade. That would have been disastrous on sales!

  6. JC:
    Rings: which makes which makes which makes

    necks are pretty identical.


    New bank twink item:

  7. Excellent find! Love your blog! :-)

  8. As 358 ilevel blues it looks like this change will make gearing for heroic 5 man instances trivial (even the new troll ones). While that should give us all some extra sales from people's alts it will mean more people hitting 80 and skipping normal 5 mans.

  9. That is indeed a likely consequence of these new items, although I suspect Blizzard is fine with that process occurring at some point anyway. Assuming that alts are the ones gearing up in this fashion, it's probably reasonable that they are skipping normals and going right into Heroics since theoretically they already know the fights. It's the players who haven't been running normals and try to skip over them that are more of a problem :)

  10. You said that the recipe will change and have the better stats, but what if I craft a few now and store away for post-4.2 sales........will those items that I craft early also get their stats upgraded?

  11. No, you cannot craft the leather items prior to 4.2 and get them automatically upgraded. In this post I've detailed how my existing 339 bracers were still 339 on the PTR. Only the recipe upgrades, not the older items crafted prior to the 4.2 change.