New Fishing Daily Quests in 4.1 (Part 2)

This is Part Two of my posts on the new Daily Fishing Quests. If you missed Part One you can go back and see it here. These are the remaining daily quests that I was able to try out on the Test Realm for Patch 4.1, which is supposed to be going live tomorrow. I hope everyone has fun tomorrow and enjoys the new content!

The Race to Restock: Fish up two Randy Smallfish and two Amorous Mud Snappers from Stonebull Lake in Mulgore. Not every cast will produce a quest fish.

A Slippery Snack: Catch 6 baby octopus in the shallow waters of Rut'theran Village. They are soooo adorable! There doesn't appear to be huge numbers of them, so you may have some trouble collecting the ones you need if lots of other players are also swimming about. They're also quite spazzy, so click quickly :)

One fer the Ages: Catch Young Ironjaw in the Forlorn Cavern and put him on display in the Hall of Explorers. This is one of my favorite fishing quests and it's because it's chock full of fun fishing humor. I love when Blizzard picks up threads from older content and adds to the story, so this quest makes me happy. Plus, we've got the classic display impulse that any serious angler would appreciate. It's not too tricky to reel in Young Ironjaw, but you might have trouble finding the right spot to mount him up. There's a silver plaque on the wall just to the left of the room with the Archaeology trainers where you can show off your prize!

Tadpole Terror: Armand in the Undercity has asked you to catch some tadpoles from Stillwater Pond. Unfortunately they might be mutant, flesh-eating tadpoles so proceed with caution! About two-thirds of the fish you catch will have tadpoles.

Fish fer Squirky: Grimnur in Ironforge wants you to fish up three blind minnows from the pond in the Forlorn Cavern and feed them to his pet Squirky. The blind minnows have about a 30% drop rate.

Live Bait
: Our freaky friend Grimnur in Ironforge is sending you to Helm's Bed Lake to slather yourself in "yummy" fish guts and catch a Cold Water Crayfish. Once you're all 'gut'sied up you have to jump into the lake where the crayfish will automatically pounce on you. DO NOT use your flying mount to take the crayfish to Cook Ghilm. This REMOVES the crayfish from your character. You'll have to walk to the Quarry on foot. If you accidentally mount up despite my sage advice, you can re-gut yourself and hop back into the water to get more crayfish. To help you remember, here's a funny pic of me covered in crayfish:

Unfortunately there are still a few more quests that I didn't get to try before the test periods ends today. Hopefully you guys will figure them out and you can come back and post in the Comments if you have any tips to share!


  1. Hey, great work Kaliope! I really appreciate what you do in bringing us this information.

    It probably made me several thousand gold when you warned about the Noble Hops and Dry Yeast being taken out, and I was able to stockpile it and sell it later.

  2. Thank you - I'm glad my information is helping you guys out :) I don't think we have anything that earth-shattering in this patch but I do my best to stay on top of whatever is happening.

  3. Are you only allowed to do one per day?

    I did the fishing daily in Stormwind and then headed over to Ironforge to see Grimnur but he doesn't have a quest.

  4. Yes, only one Fishing daily quest per day regardless of which city you visit. If you do the one in Stormwind, the other two will deactivate.