New Fishing Daily Quests in 4.1 (Part 1)

For those of you who don't like surprises, I've tried to include extra detail where appropriate. A good number of these quests are straight-forward, but a few of them come with a twist :)

Fish Head: Pretty simple, just reel in a fish head from the sewers of the Undercity and take it to
the Alchemy trainer in the Apothecarium.

The Ring's the Thing: Fish up blind cavefish at the Pools of Vision in Thunder Bluff and gut them until you find Poshken's Ring. This seems like the Horde version of the Monkfish quest.

Stocking Up: Astaia wants you to fish up five lake whitefish in Darnassus. Basic fishing quest with about 50% drop rate on the quest fish.

Pond Predators: Azshara Snakeheads have infested the small pond in the central area of Thunder Bluff and Kah Mistrunner would like you to help out by getting rid of eight of them . The quest fish have about a 50% drop rate.

Like Pike: Armand in the Undercity has asked you to get a corpse worm from the courtyard in the Ruins of Lordaeron and use it to catch a Corpse-fed Pike in Brightwater Lake. This quest is similar to the Alliance quest Diggin' for Worms.

An Old Favorite: Astaia in Darnassus has asked you to help rebuild her stash of Kaldorei Herring. These fish drop at about a 60% rate.

Cold Water Fishing: Grimnur in Ironforge wants you to try catching the most popular fish in Dun Morogh, which can be found at Helm's Bed Lake. The Arctic Char have about a 50% drop rate.

Happy as a Clam Digger: Collect ten clams for Astaia from the shallow waters near Rut'theran Village. This is another one of these quests where finding the quest items may be tricky when lots of other players are around. There are clams all the way up to the trench if you're willing to swim out a bit.

The Gnomish Bait-o-Matic: Grimnur in Ironforge would like you to find the parts and assemble a Gnomish Bait-o-Matic for him. Shiny baubles are sold by the vendor inside his building and hair triggers can be found on the Engineering vendor in Tinker Town. You can pop straight to the Deeprun Tram from Tinker Town and get three rat traps. Put it all together and give it back to Grimnur.

Moat Monster: I really enjoy the silly quests and this quest is a blast :) Armand in the Undercity has asked you to feed their moat monster. You need to go up to the Ruins of Lordaeron to the moat in the courtyard. Put on the mask and feed the bloated frogs to the beast. You'll have to renew your mask a few times as it doesn't stay on long. The taunts you'll be tossing around are priceless! FYI: If you're not standing on the bridge over the moat, you won't see any taunts. The quest still works but the taunts apparently don't.

I'm still working on Part Two of the fishing quests - I have a few more quests to test out. If they don't come up in the rotation I'll post whatever I have on Tuesday :)


  1. Haven't been able to find any of the new quest givers - horde or alliance. Maybe I'm blind... not sure.

  2. Amend that, it seems you can only do one set per day. So I did finally find the Horde ones on one toon.

  3. The daily quest givers are the trainers from that city. If you visit the Cooking/Fishing trainer they should have the daily quest for you. Make sure you delete any existing daily you might have in your quest book - I made that mistake on one of my alts.