New Cooking Daily Quests in 4.1 (Part 2)

Helpful pictures coming later today :)

Keepin' the Haggis Flowin': Collect a bunch of ingredients from around Ironforge. Easy. The Meat vendor (Sognar Cliffbeard) can be found walking around the Military Ward. He sells the sheep innards for 5 silver.

Remembering the Ancestors: Pick up the blessed rice cakes from the Temple of the Moon. These are on a table near the portals. Take them to the shrine behind the Craftsmen's Terrace (far east side of town).

"Magic" Mushrooms: Gather some magic mushrooms from the Pools of Vision at the Spirit Rise and return them to the quest giver. They are under the larger mushrooms in the same area.

Escargot A Go-Go
: Find 8 Brightwater snails and bring them to the quest giver. The snails are in rather small numbers so this quest could be frustrating if you're sharing the area with other players.

Ribs for the Sentinels: Cook the ribs that Alegorn gives you and then pass them out to five guards. You cannot feed a guard who has recently been fed. Very quick and easy quest.

Lily, Oh Lily: Go to Stillwater Pond and pick ten Stillwater lilies for Eunice. Stillwater Pond is northeast of The Undercity.

Can't Get Enough Spice Bread: Daryl in Ironforge would like you to help him keep up with the demand for spice bread. Easy quest, you don't even have to leave Daryl's shop.

Mulgore Spice Bread: It seems that plain ole spice bread isn't good enough for Thunder Bluff denizens, Aska wants you to make a super-awesome Mulgore version. Use her special spices to make five Mulgore spice bread -- you'll need to make the regular spice bread first :)

Corn Mash: Finally - we be makin' some booze!! Hmm, perhaps not. Aska in Thunder Bluff would like you to help out with grinding corn into cornmeal . Use her mallet to pound bowls of corn kernels - the bowls are a bit small and are on the ground inside some of the huts in Thunder Bluff. Here's a picture of one:

Since yesterday was the last day of the Test Realm I was unable to check out the one remaining daily Cooking quest. Most of these quests have been fairly simple and straightforward, hopefully anyone who gets that last quest will be able to figure it out :)


  1. There's gotta be achievements for these new sets of quests...

  2. I went through Wowhead this morning and looked at all the new achievements for patch 4.1 and sadly the new Cooking/Fishing quests were not on the list. I'm sure they will be added at some point, most likely an oversight.