New Cooking Daily Quests in 4.1 (Part 1)

Late last week we got a new build on the Test Realm with all-new Cooking and Fishing quests! Last week a build went up that's been labeled as a "release" build, so new content may well be imminent. I finally got my new graphics card installed and started rocking the new daily quests for you guys :)

My first stop was Darnassus with my druid (Moonglade TP FTW!) to check out their daily offering. The quest is given by the Cooking trainer Alegorn, who can be found on the lower level of the Craftsmen's Terrace. Today his quest was The Secret to Perfect Kimchi, which tasks you with collecting buried Kimchi bottles from around the city. I walked around most parts of the Craftsmen's Terrace and found the eight bottles I needed pretty easily. Of course this won't be as easy on the Live servers, but I found some bottles behind buildings and under walkways. Here's a picture to help you out:

Next I went to Ironforge to see what they had going on, but Daryl the Cooking trainer wasn't giving me any action. Turns out that the Darnassus quest counted as my Cooking daily and I cannot do quests from the other cities. So I got another toon out and did the Ironforge quest, which was I Need to Cask a Favor. This quest also comes from the Cooking trainer inside The Bronze Kettle. You're asked to travel to Kharanos and pick up a barrel of booze. The barrel can be found right outside the Inn next to Ragnar Thunderbrew. Be prepared when you click the barrel because you're gonna be a Rocket Man burning out his fuse baby!

I actually had a blast with this quest although initially I had no idea what was wrong with my toon. I thought I had hit the auto-run button and I kept mashing it over and over trying to turn auto-run off. If you click the speed buff you can turn it off, but then you have to click the barrel again to get it back. Near as I can tell you cannot mount with the buff. Here's a cute picture of me zooming across the snowy plains with my beerlicious cargo:

The Horde also have new quests available and you can pick the Undercity quest up from Eunice Birch. Today she gave me a quest called Fungus Among Us, where you go into the sewers and pick up sewer caps. If you don't know how to get into the sewers, I can't really help much there. I had to get navigation assistance myself. But once you're there, the sewer caps are fairly easy to spot around the sewers. They tend to be tucked into corners and seem more prolific the further out you wander. Here's what they look like:

The next set of daily quests I tried were mostly collection-oriented. In the Undercity I picked up Roach Coach, a quest that has you collecting plump roaches (blech). Now I assumed this quest would require you to pick up the actual critters that roam the city, but what you're actually hunting for is the small crates that are tucked into various corners and cubbies. I found a good number of them in the Canals area near the auctioneers. Here's a picture of one:

In Ironforge I was asked to distribute A Round for the Guards. This quest was pretty easy, you just walk up to guards and click the quest item to feed them. Sadly you cannot feed guards from your mount, you get dismounted when you click the quest item.

My next stop was Darnassus where a different toon picked up the daily cooking quest called Back to Basics. For this quest Alegorn wants you to help out the locals by pounding rice into flour. Rice baskets can be found inside the buildings with other crafting trainers. All you have to do is click on the rice basket and your character will swing a huge mallet and hit it. Here's what a basket looks like:

After that I tacked the daily Pining for Nuts in Thunder Bluff, which is given by Aska Mistrunner. For this quest you'll be collecting pine cones from the base of pine trees and then "cooking" them over a fire to release the pine nuts. Each pine cone seems to give exactly five pine nuts, at least all of mine did. Here's what a pine cone looks like:

That's all the quests I've been able to do so far, I was out of town for a few days and the PTR was down for a couple of days last week. But I plan to keep at it and bring you guys a Part Two once I've had a few more days to try the other quests.


  1. Thanks for the info Kaliope. I'm looking forward to seeing your reports on the other new quests.

    One question though, do you know if there is any information available if we will ever be getting Belf,Troll,Gnome,Space Goat dailies?

  2. So if these quests preclude the SW cooking quest, and since the Khanors one at least seems to take longer than many, I do not see when I would ever do these. Am I missing something?

    Since the portals and trainers are forcing everyone to SW< this seems like more development effort than the occasional tourist to Darn would warrant.

  3. Bill: As far as I can tell there are no other races getting daily quests. I've not heard any rumors of such either. To be honest I'm surprised they put these in since it essentially triples the number of quests they had to cook up. I personally wouldn't expect to see more added, my best guess is this is it for new Cooking/Fishing dailies in Cata.

    Anon: I don't think these are meant to benefit anyone from an efficiency standpoint. I think they're just there to add crafting flavor and alleviate boredom for players who are doing the current crafting quests. I agree that the Darnassus quests are a bit out of the way and perhaps druids are the only ones who will do these at level 85. However, we have a lot of folks rolling alts and these extra cities may be perfect for them while they are still working the lower levels.

  4. One thing I am curious is if there is a benefit to doing one city over another. For the cooking quests in SW, the Cider quest provides two points in cooking and the Crab quest gives you two tokens. Is it possible to go to another city to get more points or tokens? If they are random by city, then I imagine you could. If they are linked in some way, such that when one city has the double tokens, they all do, then it wouldn't work.

  5. The rotation of the daily quests does not appear to be interdependent. I can confirm that some cities will offer a 2-token quest while others are offering the 1-token quests. You could certainly keep a bank alt stashed in each city to check the daily and then travel to the one with the best token reward.

  6. Too bad about the lockout. Do these dailies give faction-specific rep? I've "accidentally" gotten SW-exalted doing cooking & fishing dailies there.
    Thanks again for all your great work!

  7. I still wish they would add them to Shattrah (and are there any in Dalaran?)
    Because I've been leveling a rogue from scratch, doing the cooking and fishing dailies every day but since I've hit Outlands and they took the portals out of Shattrah....

    I'm sorry but I'm not flying to the Dark Portal every time I want to hit Stormwind.
    And who had the brilliant idea to put a portal near the Dark Portal filled with demons that leads straight into the Mage Quarter???

  8. nostalgeek - you can keep your hearth in outland and use your guild reward shroud or the other one to teleport you to SW for the daily

    Thanks for all the info. With so much that needs fixing in Cata, I am puzzled why they would spend time on these. I must be missing something.

  9. Kit: These quests give Alliance rep at this time, although I think the IF one only gave IF rep. That might be fixed before it goes live.

    Hagu: If I had to guess I'd say they are heavily prioritizing new content over bug fixes. I can certainly see the argument for that given how ravenous players are for new content and how bitter they get when it doesn't happen.

  10. There actually is a portal to SW from Shatt now