More MIA Recipes found in 4.1

Apparently a handful of the "lost" recipes in Cataclysm were put back into the game as undocumented changes for the 4.1 patch. Yesterday I stumbled across the Shadow Oil recipe in the process of training my Junior Alchemist. After that I hit up all the various trainers and found quite a few of our missing recipes. I've written about this previously and some of those items have reappeared. For the record, none of these changes were mentioned in the patch notes.

Low level Engineers are getting one recipe back - the Lovingly Crafted Boomstick. Sadly we are still missing the Ice Deflector and Deepdive Helmet recipes. Personally I don't expect the Ice Deflector to be revived since it's a limited use item, arguably the Deepdive Helmet is as well. If you want to pick up the Lovingly Crafted Boomstick recipe you should visit your nearest Engineering trainer.

Unfortunately none of the missing Leatherworking or Blacksmithing recipes were resurrected in this patch. I know Leatherworkers in particular are lamenting the demise of the Deviate Scale recipes, they were strong items for low-level leather wearers. Blacksmithing was only missing one recipe for the Solid Iron Maul. I don't think this was a particularly valuable item so it may not make a comeback.

Cooking got the major love in 4.1 with three lost recipes making their way back into the game. Two of the recipes in question were key to Cooking progression in the 250-300 range for players who don't fish. Charred Bear Kabobs and Juicy Bear Burgers were only missing on Horde vendors, but they were sorely missed. I'm not certain why Fillet of Frenzy was revived since there are plenty of other recipes in the same range, both fishy and non-fishy. In any case, all three of these are now available from the Cooking trainers.

Feel free to report any other "MIA" recipes you happen to stumble across in Azeroth here for the benefit of other players! If you're not sure what those are, skim through my older post: Cataclysm Vendor Changes.


  1. Hey Kaliope, I think you're thinking of the Goblin Mining Helmet with +5 mining.

    The Deepdive Helmet is the one that allows underwater breathing, and according to the Wowhead comments, it's now trainable from regular engineering trainers.

    I'm actually kinda bummed that the Tasty Lion Steak and Kaldorei Spider Kabobs recipes are now learned from the trainer, I had about 6 of the Tasty Lion Steak recipes saved up on one of my servers, and was selling them for 2500 gold each.

  2. Gah, you're right! I was thinking of the Goblin Mining Helmet. I guess the Deepdive Helmet isn't a huge loss then since we have a number of other water breathing buffs at this point.

    Sorry to hear about your market being cut off, I guess patch notes would have been handy for some advance notice on that eh?

  3. I visited the cooking trainer on my way to make some cookies in SW. I was pleased to learn Kaldorei Kabob and Fillet of Frenzy.

  4. > I guess the Deepdive Helmet isn't a huge loss
    > then since we have a number of other water
    > breathing buffs at this point.

    But none of them looks as sexy as the Deepdive Helmet.

  5. Please tell me they're putting Crusader Enchant's formula back in the game!

  6. Sigh. I had a single Fillet of Frenzy that I AH dove the morning of Cataclysm.

    And I've been selling the Bear recipes Horde side for 100g a pop. I move dozens a week.

    Oh well!

  7. Anon: I think we can assume based on the last two patches that they will put old recipes back in a piecemeal fashion. I think we can also assume that recipes which don't provide reasonable value will not be revived. I think Crusader stands a good chance of making a comeback, it has always been a strong item.

    Kring: I agree - I still have a Deepdive helmet on my Engie just for fun factor :)

  8. I've been trying to sell a Crusader enchant recipe for 6 months on my low pop server. When it was listed for 2000 gold someone bought one. Noone wanted it for 1500 or 750.
    Now I have the recipe listed for 25,000 gold.

    Still, noone wants the recipe. Hyacinth Macaw pet is going for 12,000 may sell before Crusader enchant recipe does!

  9. TUJ shows 7423g 53s 17c US Alliance Market Price for DDH schematic

    My engineer always wears his DDH when doing the underwater cooking dailies in Stormwind.

    Blizzard seems quite random about professions. I wish they cared more.

  10. You're right, Kring. The Deepdive helmet is a big-time chick magnet. Especially the ones wearing magnetic panties.

  11. Well I stand corrected folks! As of today the Deepdive Helmet is on the Engie trainer as well. Sneaky boogers, they patched it in since last week.

  12. Too bad that Engineers did not get more, sigh.

    I think I'm about to drop engineering for tailoring.

  13. Sadly, Engineering is not known for it's abundance of recipes. It seems that once you have your bombs and epic helms Blizzard is done with you. If you're not happy with the standard fare then you're probably better off picking up a different profession.