Current Crafting Dailies

I got an email a couple of days ago from a reader who's looking for a good resource for daily quests:

"Do you know of anyplace I can get a list of the professions dailies (yep all of them , or most anyway) and the level required to participate in them? I read about dailies and have no idea if I can find them, participate or even find them! I find a few, but am totally stumped."

With all the new crafting dailies coming out, I can see why there might be confusion in this area. So I thought I'd share this question and try to come up with some answers. My first stop for a question of this type would be WoWWiki (now known as Wowpedia). They usually keep lists of things like this. Unfortunately this page has just a partial list: Wowpedia Daily Quests. This list only includes the new Cataclysm Cooking/Fishing/Jewelcrafting quests. But we all know that there are more quests in Northrend and Outland.

A little more digging turns up this page for Cooking: Wowpedia Daily Cooking Quests, which seems to have a much more comprehensive list. Both Burning Crusade and WotLK daily quests are included here. Here is a similar list for Fishing Daily Quests. That leaves just Jewelcrafting as the remaining profession with associated daily quests. You can find a list of all Jewelcrafting quests on Wowpedia as well. Wowpedia has kindly listed all of the level requirements in brackets next to each quest, so you can see if your alts are qualified to do them.

Unfortunately there's not a central location for all of these daily quests. But hopefully with these three lists you can find what you need. If anyone has found a better source for this information please let me know!


  1. All? Ok, go here:;crs=1;crv=0

    Or simply click on quests on and filter of daily. You'll need to filter out things like holiday events for it to be useful.

  2. That's certainly another way to do it, but I wanted to provide a method that was easy and didn't require tinkering with filters. Sometimes Wowhead can be tricky since they don't always provide the type of filter you need to execute a specific search. I notice this one doesn't have an option for professions, but it would be handy for other types of searches.

  3. Thanks Kaliope!

    For some odd reason I'm going through Outland right now and I've already done Hellfire, Zangarmarsh and Nagrand so I've been through Lower City many time and I never noticed the dailies...

  4. That's probably because the BC ones require level 70 instead of level 60. If you're still leveling through Outland you'll be bound for Northrend before you actually unlock most of the BC dailies.