Cooking Vendor Change in 4.1

We've had some inquiries about this situation, so I wanted to get the full details out to you guys before the patch. I'm still operating without a graphics card here, so I apologize for the low quality images I'm sharing. The important part is the information and hopefully you can overlook the rest :)

On the Test Realm, the Dry Yeast and Hops are both gray items. If you have any of these, you should use or sell them now. They will be worthless after the patch. Here are pictures of them:

As you see these will be vendor trash and have essentially no value. If you can't sell them, at least make them into the Lager before patch day. Speaking of which, here's the new version of the Darkbrew Lager recipe after 4.1 hits:

You can see that this version uses vendor ingredients that any player will be able to purchase in essentially unlimited quantities. I'm not quite sure of the reason for this change but it could be serving as a bridge recipe between Wrath and Cataclysm content. It seems to fill the same skill point gap as the Wrath feasts, at least if we can rely on Wowhead's skill rankings. If I get a chance to test this I will give it a go.

I don't know how many of you have noticed this but MMO-Champion posted a bunch of new Cooking and Fishing dailies on Friday. Once my new graphics card arrives I'll be popping in to test those out for you and get the skinny on how they work!


  1. I think the reason is the vendor is glitched and you can't get the ingredients for the lager.

    new dailies are for the other capital cities.

  2. Is what happened:

    1) Dec 2010: yeast and hops available from vendor in unlimited quantity
    2) patch (4.0.6 ? ) removes them from vendor, leaves the recipe but leaves them as needed for the recipe
    3) 4.1 recipe that uses them is changed to no longer use them

    Does Blizzard just not care about professions or do they have the worst quality assurance in the software industry? It is past annoying to just plain puzzling to me. WHy would any company do this?

    Could you check if the new dailies share a lockout with the stormwind dailies? I.e. will aspiring cooks want to do the dailing in SW, IF & Darn each day? I am surprised how easy it is in the cata grindfest to bump up against the 25 daily cap.

  3. Hagu: You bet! My new card is due tomorrow so I'll try to start running dailies then and report the results. I've got a full set of toons with Horde and Alliance flavors on the PTR.

    Anon: From what I can tell this is the solution to the "glitched" vendor problem. The actual recipe has been modified to use vendor-bought ingredients.

  4. Hagu just curious what dailies are you doing to get that close to cap?

  5. Anon,
    I am horde... you have 7 Deepholm, possible 12 tol barad, 7 tol barad peninsula, 6 twilight highlands, 1 Fishing and 1 cooking dailies. That is a possible 34 daily quests.

  6. Any new cooking recipes to go with the new dailies? I hate being stuck at 198/200 recipes, due to forgetting to grab the Spider Kabobs and Tasty Lion Steak recipes plus I sold Dirge's for 2k :(

  7. I didn't see any new recipes on the Cooking vendor, but I didn't do a full review of his stock either. If you're lacking for a few extra recipes you could try hooking up a Horde toon to grab some of their goodies if you haven't done that already.

    Also - you sold Dirge's Chimaerok recipe for 2k?? That puppy is worth 40-50k on most realms. Ouch :(