More Profession Changes in 4.1

Additional crafting changes went up on the PTR last Friday night and the bulk of these seem to be tweaks to 'classic' recipe ingredients. The key villain in this wave of changes appears to be flask of mojo (and its big brother, but for some reason not its powerful brother) with a side of gorilla hair and long elegant feathers. This seems like a strange change to be making in 4.1, I was expecting modifications like this in 4.0. Perhaps it's just that recipe revamps didn't make the Cata cut for release. The bigger question for me is why just three weird components? Why not the whole enchilada?

For example, in Alchemy alone I can find at least six oddball ingredients for potential extinction. I'm talking about funky bits such as Sharp Claw, Large Fang, Ichor of Undeath, Black Vitriol, Heart of the Wild and Blood of Heroes. None of these are herbs and often cause extra hassle in making their respective potions. On the flip side, these ingredients can lend a certain RP "flavor" to their recipe. If we weed them all out, aren't we killing some of the lore that was put into our professions? C'mon, what's a Big Voodoo Mask without any mojo??

If I were making these changes, I would probably wouldn't have given mojo the axe. I can sympathize with the gorilla hair, which was only in one recipe (that wasn't monkey themed). I think Black Vitriol could go as well, a one-off item with no significant RP value. I also find Heart of the Wild to be a weird item that looks like an herb but isn't (I regularly confuse it with Khadgar's Whiskers). And Blood of Heroes may have outlived it's usefulness since it doesn't require meaningful effort to collect anymore.

But I like other ingredients like spider silks and specialty leather/cloth/metals which give added flair to our crafted items. And I think having some unusual ingredients (like deviate scales) allows crafters to deal in exotic items if they want to put in the extra effort to acquire the mats. So there's a balance between a useless and onerous material and one that provides market value and immersion. If time is going to be spent reviewing recipe materials then it would be helpful to look at all drop ingredients, not just a few here and there.

Even more importantly, if we're going to be reviewing classic tradeskill content in any way we should be PUTTING BACK the lost recipes. I find it particularly ironic that Shadow Oil (still missing from Raven Hill) had it's fadeleaf removed and yet the recipe itself is still unavailable to crafters who didn't learn it prior to the Shattering. Restoring missing recipes is a higher priority than fussing over ingredients guys!


  1. Definitely agree; it's surprising to see them doing these sorts of changes. Obviously they're paying SOME attention to recipes, but not enough to "fix" them in regards to availability? o.O Odd.

  2. Agree completely. There are old world recipes like Crusader and Spectral Essence that comes from the ghost in Scholomance (I think) that are just gone.

    Gorilla hair? Good riddance.

  3. Well Hearts of the Wild *do* go into the herbing bags, so I always assumed they were some kind of herbs :) Especially since they drop from the swamp creatures who also drop herbs.

  4. Thanks for the 3750 info!

    You just never know; golden pearls dropped from 160g to 6g after they were no longer required for a recipe. But essence of air still remains close to 160g. As I put the agility enchant on a friend's weapon, I told them this sells for more than the combined cost of all the enchants on their ilevel 354 main (no maelstrom crystal enchants)

    My taxonomy is that, except for ??? lotus, if I can't mill it isn't not really an herb.

    Deviant scale or elegant feathers might add some color. It's having to buy the simple flour and blue dye sort of things (actually the hassle of having some left over in my bags) to be annoying. On the other hand, thanks to you I bought some prepatch and sold a stack of either hops or yeast for 600g.

    But let's talk about the biggest crafting hassle going: BoP Chaos Orbs that my scribe/JC can't even roll on.

    My theory is that Blizzard just doesn't care that much about professions. How many weeks were there glyphs of mage armor in the game but you could not make it. And it was a recommended glyph for arcane as opposed to an optional potion. I just don't understand the QA (software testing) that could allow that to happen.

    And now that blackfallow ink is still not cheap enough to use for low end ink conversion, I think the hassle of inscription could exceed all the other professions combined.

    And a bit off topic, I think that if they were going to review professions, that making the output useful would seem more helpful than helping with the input. I am not sure why you would be a have a non-gathering profession before you could train artisan. What possible benefit is there to being a level 200 blacksmith as opposed to buying the gear and being say a skinner?

  5. Lots of good ideas here guys - clearly plenty of work left to do with professions. From what I've seen tradeskills are not a high priority in any game unless they are the focus (A Tale in the Desert, etc). My guess is that broken items in crafting are considered low priority against broken class abilities or dungeon/raid encounters. Which means it's probably perpetually at the bottom of the list.

  6. Thanks Kaliope! This kind of info is great.

    In reply to Hagu, as a QA Engineer myself, I can assure you that while we do find many of the bugs that make it "into the wild" and while we can argue our position (that they should be fixed) all we want, we ultimately don't make the decision as to which bugs ship and which ones don't. That's usually management and finance that ultimately say "ship it".