In Other News....

Maelstrom Crystals are 3750 Justice Points (or 3750 Honor Points) and the new Jewelcrafting recipe, Punisher's Band, costs 5 daily tokens from the token vendor.



  1. Guildies and I were just complaining about the 346 rings and necks. It's hard to see they're a significant market this late in this patch. Whereas a number of places list the the epic shield as BiS before HM. I personally think JCs need a couple of epic jewelry pieces to compete with the epics for two slots that LW/BS/Tailor get.

    Do you have a guess on whether the daily tokens will be useful when epic gems come out?
    What are you doing with your tokens?
    1) saving them just in case (but risking selling May chimeras for less than current price if this is all these tokens will be used for.)
    2) buying patterns ( I just don't see a cut gem that sells for 10g more than uncut as being worth the time/risk.)
    3) buying chimera's and selling them.

  2. The blue gem values are pathetically low on my home server (Shadowsong EU) and I am keeping my tokens for epic recipes.

    I did buy some of the very profitable rarer gem recipes early on and have never seen the value in the rings and chimeras drop regularly enough from the fire prism to keep me equipped.

    As for the price of Maelstrom's, a bit on the pricey side but only to be expected. it won't kill the market price instantly as many had suspected but will make them sufficiently available to be useful.

  3. Personally I've been stockpiling my daily tokens for the reasons you guys mention. The jewelry market isn't holding up well and the blue gem cuts are mediocre. I'm biding my time under the assumption that nicer stuff will come along in a future patch :) Whether that is epic gems or epic jewelry I don't really care, just something with better market value than what's currently available.

    As for a guess on the timing, I would say 4.2 is a likely candidate. Once a new tier of raid content is released I think better gems will be indicated. Also, epic gems for WotLK went out with 3.2 so that's another point in favor of 4.2 for Cata.

  4. WotLK 3.2 would be more like Cata 4.4. Stockpiling ore/tokens will probably work unless they go back to the BC style of epic gems.

  5. I'm hesitant to presume a particular gem source at this point. We see enough changes in professions with each expansion that it's wide open to my mind. While I don't think it's likely that they'll go back to the raider-only epic gems, there's a decent chance that they might throw some other twist our way such as transmute only epics.