Hunting Recipes The Easy Way

Since The Undermine Journal has gone back online I've been using them more and more for my auction house camping and letting them do the grunt work I typically to do manually. I haven't relied on Auctioneer in ages, having ditched it two expansions ago when it got too bloated for my taste. All of my auction activities are done manually which involves lots of one-off searches and a gut feel for prices. Needless to say it's more of a time sink than I would like, so there are times when I don't focus on selling due to that.

What I'm enjoying about TUJ is the fact that they scan the auctions more frequently and regularly than I would ever do myself. Their data is significantly more accurate as a result of all this scanning. In addition, they have cross-server comparisons for items that don't show up often enough to have meaningful price data on one realm. Personally I find their site extremely valuable and I know I've only scratched the surface of what it can do. But I wanted to share a few things I've been dabbling with on the crafting side of auction life.

In the past month I've been using TUJ's notification system to send me emails/texts about prices on my realm's auctions. I started out with notifications on a few key ingredients I needed to make some rare Tailoring items. Felcloth has been hard to stumble across on the auctions so I asked TUJ to email me when it came up in my price range. This worked really nicely and I've built up a tidy stash of Felcloth, all found under my realm's average price of 2g each. When I needed Primal Life to get through a tricky portion of Inscription (releveling on an alt) I put a watch on those as well. I highly recommend using TUJ to ping you when crafting mats are posted at a price you want. This is particularly helpful for classic and BC mats since players leveling through the zones don't always know the value of the crap they've looted.

After a couple of weeks of this I got brave and decided to branch out a bit. I put a watch on the Shadow Hood pattern for Tailors. I've been chasing that thing for almost a year. I desperately wanted it for Cataclysm as one of my lowbie sucker products. Unfortunately the recipe never came up at a price I was willing to pay. After checking TUJ's history on the recipe, I could see that close to half the sales were under 100g for it (see for yourself here). Yet the average price is 1200 gold! Screw that, right? I set up a notification for under 500g and waited. The next day an email arrives telling me that someone has posted the recipe for 5 gold. FIVE GOLD! Luckily I was at my computer when the email came through so I immediately logged in and purchased that puppy. I've already sold a couple of the hoods for 50 gold each, so I've made my investment back tenfold =)

Well after that I decided to have a go at another item on my hit list: Searing Golden Blade. This recipe is super rare - I only saw it a couple of times last year. Of course it was also insanely expensive and I didn't buy it. But it's the only crafted caster dagger from Classic WoW and pretty much the best one-handed caster weapon you can get outside of a dungeon until level 50. I wanted it badly for crafting, but if you pay four figures to get the recipe it's hard to carve out a profit by making the item. Perhaps it's moot at this point, but I still wanted the stupid thing so I put a watch on it. I got an email a few days later saying that the recipe was on the auction house for 5 gold. I was all over it, I snatched that bad boy right up. I even made a few daggers, although I've been lax about posting this past week (that's house guests 4 ya!).

The next recipe I stalked was the Comfortable Leather Hat, arguably the most rare Leatherworking pattern. Every time I've seen it on the auctions it's been at least 1500 gold. I put a watch on it for under 500 gold. One came up a few days later for 50 gold, but I wasn't home and didn't get to it in time. Another one came up for 300 gold and I purchased that one. Not as great of a deal as the first two recipes I stalked, but still much cheaper than the average price of 2300 gold on my realm.

So a few days ago I bit the bullet and put a watch on every rare recipe I'm lacking for every crafter I have. I'm watching over 40 recipes now with a price limit of about 100 gold per recipe. The good news for us recipe hounds is that a lot of players are leveling alts right now. More of these classic recipes are floating around than ever and some are selling for dirt cheap. If you have any rare recipes on your wish list that you've never been able to land, now is the time to take advantage of TUJ's notification system. I've already saved thousands of gold and I know I'll save tens of thousands by the time I collect all the missing recipes.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you!


  1. Thanks for the tip Kaliope! I've been trying to get a hold of the Pattern:Rich Purple Shirt for my tailor for quite a long time. This will help a lot:)

  2. Sorry I might just be blind but I don't see where to sign up for this on the site.

  3. Gabriel: In the top left corner of the main page are four small buttons. TUJ accepts your existing login credentials for Google/Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo instead of forcing you to create a new login. Click one of the four buttons to use one of these accounts as your TUJ login. Twitter is the most useful, as TUJ can use their texting service to sent you text messages for your auction alerts.

  4. Kaliope - do you happen to know of a European equivalent for 'The Undermine Journal'. It would be fantastic if we could have something like this.

  5. Seadog: To my knowledge there is not an EU version of TUJ. I believe Erorus @ TUJ would like to branch out to EU realms eventually, but the EU Armory site and the additional expenses to scan more realms are limiting factors for him at this time. He relies purely on Paypal donations to fund his activities and it sounds like he's at max capacity with the US realms.

    What he's doing is a huge undertaking and I'm amazed that he's pulling it off as well as he is :) Unfortunately that doesn't help the EU peeps - maybe an EU partner would be an option?

  6. Kaliope: Having the Remote AH subscription is a great combo with TUJ for snagging your watched items.

  7. Very true - I'd have a better hit rate if I picked up the Remote AH service. Right now I'm still on the fence about it, lol. I'm struggling to convince myself to pay an extra $3 a month for something I might end up using once a week.

  8. you can also just flip the recipes after doing that as well. I bought up a Plans: Hand of Eternity the other day for 15g, then flipped it for 2000g within 1 day.

    Also, I do use it with the Remote AH, and it is not unusual for me to buy up things, then go ahead and post them for quite a bit more, and actually make a couple hundred gold without ever logging in to the game. =)

  9. Absolutely! This same system can be used for flipping and I know you gold folks go for that angle more than the manufacturing and/or collecting action :) Since our blog is focused more on crafting I wanted to show some ways to make TUJ a relevant tool for something other than just flipping goods or setting prices. Hopefully this post can give people new ideas on how TUJ can help them.