A couple of nuggets in 4.1

Don't know how many of you picked up on this today, but a couple of minor crafting tweaks have made it into the 4.1 patch notes. First is a reduction in the price of trade goods from the Honor Point and Justice vendors by 50%. Those of you who want to make those purchases will probably be happy with the lower cost. Personally I'm not so thrilled about it because I've already noticed some price slumps with gathered materials in recent weeks. The idea that more of these items will be dumped into the market isn't appealing to me as a crafter because it also affects the prices I can charge for finished products.

The other change I expect will be universally hailed and this is the addition of Maelstrom Crystals to the vendors. I know some of you were bemoaning the lack of them in the original implementation and will be happy to get them now. This change I think is more reasonable because Maelstrom Crystals are still going for about 2k on most servers. That feels really overpriced to me when you consider the fact that weapon enchants are using 4-6 crystals and costing players 8-12k per weapon enchant. For this particular item I think deflation is appropriate.

So what do you guys think of the changes? Excited or annoyed?


  1. I just bought 8 maelstrom crystals the day before this announced in order to learn/make a power torrent so I am quite unlucky.

    I agree the 50% price drop will lower costs, but I am don't see how it would be that much. The hundreds of stacks of ore being prospected (and potentially made into d/e jewelry seems to me to be a much bigger source. Similarly, all the leather from TB croc leather being produced, would seem much larger than the number of spare JP. I assume many will start to build JP back to 4000 as the talk turns to 4.2

    Any idea what the JP will be for a MC? Or why Bliz has not said?

  2. I have a much better reason why I think the 50% is very minor impact;

    Currently I get a GCE that sells for 3200s for 800JP or 4s per JP; a boss is worth 2.8 gold.

    If you have a rarely instanced character that will never reach 4000 JP then it is a good deal; twice as good in fact.

    But Maelstrom Crystal can't cost more than the JP cap, 4000. So even at that maximum, unless MC drop to costing under 10 GCE all the volume JP spenders will buy MC, even after the 50% change. All the 50% did was change the break point from 5 GCE to ten.

    It will be nice to know what the MC is going to be.

  3. With the new instances dropping more epic loot there will be more MCs around anyway so prices on them will fall regardlessly.

  4. I wiped my computer recently and lost my PTR access, just reinstalled it last night so I'll see if I can scope out the Maelstrom pricing today :)