Cooking Question from the Mail Room

I got an anonymous email yesterday from a reader who had an interesting question that I thought might be worth sharing with everyone. Anon writes:

Have I not researched enough? You folks seem to REALLY know what is up.
I have reached 300 fishing + gear to 335
I know I can't increase til lvl 40?
But cooking is 300 And I can't find a trainer to increase my skills is there a level cap there also??

Well I know that the Cooking and Fishing trainers no longer show a level requirement for the upper tiers of training, but I couldn't promise that the cap was truly gone. I haven't leveled any character under level 35 to a skill above 300 myself. This seemed like the kind of information that should actually be confirmed before I decide to spout it as fact, so I decided to do just that.

I dusted off my level 22 druid on an alternate realm I use for Horde toons. Her Cooking skill was sitting at 130 when I started the experiment. I'm happy to report that I was able to level her Cooking skill all the way to 371 and unlock the Grand Master tier up to 450. I did the whole process using the Cooking trainer from the Undercity, I didn't try to do any kamikaze traveling to Outland or Northrend. I used a 76 DK on the same realm to visit high level zones for fishing and vendor purchases.

I'm happy to report that the level requirements for Cooking are really gone. For anyone who's been curious about leveling max Cooking on a lowbie (or bank alt?) it appears to be quite feasible. I could actually see this being handy for a bank alt who's designated to store Cooking mats anyway. You could just send that toon all of your excess meats and fish, then let them Cook and post it for sale. Currently I have to mail cooking mats back and forth between the toon that hold the mats and my one gal who can make Cata food. Thanks for the question Anon, I'm glad I had the opportunity to try this out :)


  1. It has been possible to train a lowbie toon up to about 400 for a while. The real stumbling block going further is/was getting to Dalaran and doing the cooking dailies to get awards to buy the 400+ recipes. Before Cataclysm you had to take the boat to Northrend to level cooking this high - I think all trainers will train you to Grand Master in most cities now...

  2. All major city trainers train through Illustrious, now. There are trainers in the larger world that only train certain tiers, still.

    Fishing and Cooking have almost no level caps for tiers. Since the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday started, it has been possible to take a level 5 to over 300 in cooking. Even to 400. With the SW/Org Dailies you can now get them over that hurdle, 1 or 2 points at a time.

    I believe fishing requires Level 10 for Expert or Journeyman.

    --Kaj, Terenas
    --Stoley, Undermine
    --Kaladim, Terenas

  3. Hi! I'm sorry- sort of off topic, but at least about cooking- is there any place to find the noble hops or dry yeast anymore? My server has only had the cocoa beans in the cooking goodie bags for the last several months and I'm the "darkbrew lager" recipe away from The Cataclysmic Gourmet.


  4. Meri: I'm planning to write about the status of hops/yeast in an upcoming post :)

    Just/K: The main reason I wanted to write about this scenario was to personally test the feasibility of leveling Cooking on a lowbie alt. I knew it was theoretically possible going into it, but didn't feel right regurgitating the information to a struggling reader without actually knowing for myself that it can be done. This post is my way of saying that I've done it and I can confirm that it works.

  5. I think yeast/hops is gone for good?

    If I recall correctly, the recipe for the Lagger was changed in the 4.1 patch notes.