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Yep, you read that right... hubby and I made a game. A Facebook game, to be specific. I know some of you are going to groan and gag at that, but I still have a comment from Tobold rattling around in my head when it comes to Facebook games. It's essentially the perception that Facebook games are bad because they have no actual "game" to them. I like to think that our new game does have an actual game to it and I hope you guys agree.

Our new game is called Song Showdown and it's based on the old "Name That Tune" concept. This game grew out of my personal love for music -- singing is my other main hobby. In recent years I've come to discover that I'm disgustingly good at naming songs and singers, to the annoyance of my family. I'm sure many of you have played this game in the car or in a restaurant where you hear a song and challenge your friends and family to name the song or the artist. About a year ago I tried to find an online version of this game and came up empty-handed. And thus an idea was born :)

We went with the Facebook platform because we wanted people to be able to play with and challenge their friends. A big part of the fun with song guessing is pitting yourself against your buddies and we didn't want to lose that dynamic. Also, I think Facebook gets a bad rap in the game department. The idea of socially networked gaming has a lot of potential, the main problem is that its not being tapped effectively with the lackluster games currently available. Hopefully newer games will start to debut which make better use of the social features while providing a meaningful game experience at the same time.

So I encourage all of you to come and check out Song Showdown and share your feedback. We are currently Beta testing the game and we'd like to get comments from other gamers. Especially if music is a strong interest for you, we'd love to have you stop by tell us what you think. The game has several modes of play and the easiest is Multiple Choice mode. If you don't get enough challenge from Multiple Choice, try Mystery or Total Recall. You can also set the genre, difficulty level (uses more obscure songs), and a decade range to limit the songs to a set more in line with your musical comfort zone. And note that there are two circular buttons on the left of the game screen - these are powerups!

Try Out Song Showdown!
Visit the SSD forums and leave feedback.

Known issues with the game are: Additional weeding out still needed with song data (explicit tracks, bad decade, etc) and one reported error involving Chrome and Windows 7 that we're still chasing. Functionally everything should be in order and we feel it's very playable in its current form.

You can either come back here and leave your thoughts in the Comments section, or you can use our forums on Facebook to contribute your feedback.

Thanks for helping out guys!!


  1. Pretty cool, actually. I've sent invites and challenges to several friends.

  2. Awesome! Be sure and let us know if you run into any problems :)

  3. Tried with Safari and Chrome. Got the Drat! message with each. Don't know where the song loading is being prevented.

  4. Thanks for trying it out. I've tested extensively with Safari and Chrome under OS X 10.6.6 and have not had any song loading issues. Would you mind letting me know what OS and browser version(s) you're using? Thanks!

  5. OS X 10.5.8
    Safari 5.0.4 with ClickToFlash
    Chrome 10.0.648.133

  6. Thanks. I'm not sure I have a way to test this myself with OS X 10.5. Hmm, I'll have to think about that. Thanks for the info, though.