Update on Alchemy Trinkets & More

We had some folks express concern about the new Alchemy trinkets when I posted them up a few weeks ago. I said that I would try to find out more for you guys and I did actually manage to scrape together enough volatiles a few days ago. I stupidly neglected to bring volatiles on my toons and had to make a few premades to cover the extra trinket.

I made the old trinket and then a new trinket on my Alchemist, and didn't get any errors with one equipped and one in my bag. Next I tried putting both of them in trinket slots. When you do this, you get the following error:

You can see the tooltip for the trinket has also changed to reflect this new system:

Note the "Unique-Equipped: Alchemist Stone(1)" designation. The previous version just said "Unique". So clearly a new category has been created for Alchemist trinkets to ensure that you only use one at a time. Either way, you can make extras and keep them in your bags for other gearsets. That's the important bit - multiple specs are being supported!

Another interesting Alchemy find I unearthed on the PTR was this little gem:

The Living Action Potion was previously sold by the Zandalar Tribe quartermaster and required Exalted reputation. As of today it will be a limited supply recipe sold in Everlook (Winterspring). Not a huge addition to the arsenal, but I'm glad to see evidence that some ZG items may be brought back to us.

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  1. Good that we get to keep the "old relics" :) Just not the same without them!