The Skinny on Cataclysm Vendor Changes

Since Cataclysm launched, the vast majority of the emails I've gotten have been reports about missing vendors. While I hadn't originally intended to do a sweeping vendor review during our first post-Cataclysm test realm, I decided to let the masses drive the decision on this one. I spent the last week visiting recipe vendors in the classic zones, all 227 of them.

The purpose of this post isn't to detail all the changes, there are too many to go into here. What I want to discuss is the effects of some of these changes on recipe availability. The changes wrought in Cataclysm have created some holes that crafters may want to be aware of. Market speculators might want to try and capitalize on some of these changes. This new information is not yet posted on my web site but it will be updated when I wrap up the 4.0.6 changes.

Recipes with NO Vendor

Grilled Squid (Moved to the trainer in 4.0.6)
Nightfin Soup (Moved to the trainer in 4.0.6)
Poached Sunscale Salmon (Moved to the trainer in 4.0.6)
Spotting Yellowtail (Moved to the trainer in 4.0.6)

Recipes Missing from Alliance Vendors

Recipes Missing from Horde Vendors

I have to say that some of these items are unfortunate casualties. The most significant is Shadow Oil. This ingredient is used by other professions and the loss of it appears to be causing some frustration in the community. Naturally anyone who leveled Alchemy prior to Cataclysm will have the recipe, but that doesn't appear to be helping the supplies.

Cooking has been hit pretty bad, losing ten recipes on the Horde side (8 for Alliance). The two additional Horde recipes are particularly problematic since they were added not too long ago to provide a leveling option for non-Fishermen. Other recipes that I'm sad to see on this list are the Deviate patterns for Leatherworkers and the Deepdive Helmet for Engineers. The Deviate cloak was the best of the three cloaks available in its level range and the Deepdive Helmet had great utility.

There's probably some opportunity for new markets here with cross-faction selling of these recipes. I think the JC patterns are good candidates for that. The two Bear recipes will likely be a solid item for Horde buyers. And I think every Alchemist should consider making Shadow Oil if they can. I've no doubt you could get a primo price for something that can't be learned anymore.

For now I'm not removing any of these recipes from our listings, I'll simply note that the vendors are missing. It's possible that some of them could be resurrected, or if nothing else we can provide useful information for networking with other crafters. I don't deny that some items probably could be pruned from our recipe lists with no ill effects, but I'm not convinced that's what happened here. I hope Blizzard will look at putting some of these recipes back into play, or if nothing else give us an official statement on their status.

** UPDATE ** Just found a few of the Cooking recipes on the trainer, apparently they are being moved in 4.0.6. I've made a note of this in the Missing list :)


  1. Although not from a vendor per se, the Deviate Scale Belt is also gone since the quest that rewarded it was removed.

  2. Good point, I believe it's the same dude who gives out the quests and sells the recipes. I only filtered my review list on "vendors" so I didn't connect those particular dots. But I suspect you are right on that one :)

  3. Since the Pendant of the Agate Shield is gone on the horde vendor is the alliance vendor in wetlands still selling it?

  4. Yes, you can still buy it from Neal Allen. He's in a different spot though, he moved to the bridge just outside of town instead of the keep. The keep is now infested with mobs, so the NPCs that used to be there are scattered around outside.

  5. This may have changed, but.. aren't the bear recipes BoP?

  6. Currently on the PTR these two recipes are not BoP. Hopefully that won't change in the Live version, since Horde have no other way to get their hands on it.

  7. just want to say thanks for making this list ,and by any chance do you have a list of missing recipes that used to drop from mobs ?

  8. Eventually I plan to hit all the various recipe sources. Currently I'm working on 'classic' faction recipes which have also seen some changes. I would like to do drop recipes as well, but I'm waiting for the Armory to become more functional.

    It looks like they just got category browsing working in the last week or so, but my previous checks of drop locations showed mostly legacy data. An example of this is the Bloodvine Leggings which the Armory shows being sold by Rin'wosho the Zandalari trader. I visited STV recently and confirmed that he is no longer in-game, so that information is out of date.

  9. The bear recipes are now also missing from the alliance. I just tried to pick them up in Felwood and they are gone.....only the Monster Omlet recipe is available from that vendor.

  10. Anon: The bear recipes just got patched back in on Tuesday. You can visit the trainer to get them :)

    I just put a post up about this for others who need these recipes.

  11. Soothing Turtle Bisque, Tasty Lion Steak, and Kaldorei Spider Kabobs are now trainable from cooking trainers