Enchanting Change in 4.0.6

As far as I know this is undocumented, I didn't read it in any of the various patch notes including the hotfix notes from today. But yesterday I was planning to take advantage of the new change to Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility, which previously required a Runed Elementium Rod (now a Titanium Rod). Since this enchant is learned before the Elementium Rod can be crafted, this was a pretty annoying problem (which yes, I did report during Beta). So my Enchanter has been dawdling at 473 because all the other enchants you can make here are such awful money sinks, I couldn't bear to throw gold away on them.

I was preparing to make the enchant and I needed more heavenly shards. I've had trouble getting a supply of shards because at 470 you can't disenchant the items that give you a heavenly shard. I've been buying cheap crafted blues off the auctions, but they were just sitting in my mailbox because I couldn't DE them. So I started sorting through my mail to figure out what I had that I *could* disenchant and I noticed that I was not getting the red "you suck" message on those items anymore. From what I can tell the enchanting skill required has been lowered to 450 for all rare items all the way to 85. It looks like 85 epics now require 475 enchanting skill. This is much lower than the previous values, I believe it was 500 skill for 85 rares.

Has anyone else noticed this change or is it just me?


  1. I haven't noticed b/c I did the 'terrible gold sink' when I hit that same roadblock. It might explain the huge drop in price for Heavenly Shards in the last 24 hrs--they were around 69g each on my server, now down to 45g and dropping. Used to be 20-30 listed, now there are a couple hundred.

  2. Could also be the blue necks from the Holiday boss Kammler. Good tip, thanks Kaliope!

  3. Good to know that I don't need to level my enchanter now. I couldn't DE anything about 300 since my enchanter was only 450 still.


  4. Actually they have covered that in their definite patch notes :/ you can see it on wowecon.com

  5. I remember a day when you could just disenchant any items you wanted regardless of skill level. Back in Pre-BC, I picked up enchanting, had a skill of 1, and disenchanted BOE epics that nobody wanted from MC, and it went to the guild bank. How times have changed.

  6. Kaliope!
    I don't know where else to leave my question so I'll leave it here. I see guides for Alchemy 1-300 and 450-525 on your site; do you have guides or plan making guides for 300-450?