Bug with new Archaeology Sell Prices

This tip came to me from my guildmate, Mamabear of Llane, who asked me to share it so other folks wouldn't get bitten. Like many of us, she saved up a bunch of Archaeology artifacts to sell when yesterday's patch went up. She had some artifacts that were actually stacked in multiples, I think she must be after a particular item...

Anyway, when she sold her stacked artifacts she only received gold for one item. She had to split the stacks in order to collect the money for each artifact. It seems that selling artifacts in stacks may not be correcting calculating the multiplier. So if you have any artifacts stacked up, be sure to split them into singles before you sell to the vendor. Considering that some artifacts can sell for 100 gold or more, you don't want to lose money this way.

It also can't hurt to post any problems you might have in the official support forums so Blizzard can look into the situation :)


  1. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks!

    1) Am I missing something about archaeology dailies? I can put a 750g TolVir keystone while in Lost City and receive a few gold and a 5% buff. And that's it?

    2) Have you heard if they have fixed Scroll of Fort II?

    3) Do we have enough experience on the contents of the sack of herbs for JP? Does it tend to be worth more than a stack of savage leather?

  3. Odd. I did not have this problem when I sold back my solves. I deliberately looked because I had one set of multiples that was worth 1k gold.

    It might just be a bug that affects some solves.

    I'd open a ticket for sure.