New Glyph in 4.0.6 - Dark Succor

I've been perusing the profession changes on the PTR - most of them you already know about if you follow MMO-Champion. There's one item that hasn't gotten much play and that's the new Glyph of Dark Succor. I'm seeing some speculation about this new glyph recipe that I wanted to lay to rest. I can confirm that this is currently learned from the trainer. You can see in this screenshot that it's available at 275 skill:

I can't say for sure what the market potential of this item is - I don't play a Death Knight. Since it comes from the trainer, it's likely that it will go down in value pretty quickly. Those of you who are interested in cashing in on this should get your ethereal ink stockpiled and be prepared to crank these out as soon as the patch goes live.

Personally, I'd love to see a few more Inscription items added to the mix. Other professions are getting some love in this patch (Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting) and Scribes could use some additional market goodies. If nothing else I hope they implement the Origami Beetle that's been floating around the rumor mill.


  1. Thanks!

    I got the origami rock and slime and they saved me so much gold leveling I feel guilty wishing for another. But of course I do.

  2. Hmm... origami beetle huh? Would definitely love some inscription items as well.

  3. I wondered about those recipes, Wowhead shows them as green. They're so cheap, definitely a nice way to level up!

    The origami beetle is lurking in the game files and purportedly will be implemented. It's just a matter of when at this point.

  4. Oh Goddess of the Professions, Herald of Upcoming Content please bestow upon your humble supplicants the boon of knowledge!

    1) When it says "The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly." what does that mean numerically? If I need to craft a few hundred flasks now that guild cauldrons are attainable, should I do it before or after the patch? Will it effect the herb market?

    2) I just encountered the wowhead comments on scroll of fort II - saying you can spend 10 Inferno inks on a bugged product. Is it fixed/different? Insert my usual Blizzard hates inscriptions QQ; but many times while milling a thousand stacks for the last faire, I asked myself why I was paying money for this.

    Thanks again for your efforts!

    Yes the origami were green and you had to make several per point. But back when I was doing it, you were losing several hundred gold per skill point (difference between materials opportunity cost and sales price) so a few dozen parchment was not a problem. And when I found out the rock was reusable (I am cheap) I was even more pleased. And I can't think of anything else in WoW you can put on the ground and then pick back up.

  5. Hehe - talk about schmoozing! I took some screenshots of the Alchemy recipes as well, I can post them up later today :)

    On the Runescroll II I'm still seeing 5x inferno ink and 5x parchment as the mats. I dropped Inscription, so I can't test the functionality of the buff itself. Wish I could be of more help there.

    Keep the questions coming - I'll dig up the answers if I can!

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