New Changes to Alchemy Cauldron Achievements

In case you guys missed this yesterday, MMO-Champion has a blue post with some hotfixed changes to the Cauldron guild achievements. Previously guilds were required to create 10,000/25,000 Cataclysm flasks in order to unlock two Cauldron recipes. Apparently Blizzard has hotfixed both achievements to require only 1000/3000 Cataclysm flasks.

Based on this information, it looks like Blizzard has been monitoring the rate of flask creation in typical guilds and realized that we just weren't cranking out flasks at that level. Right now my guild has only made a few hundred flasks - we aren't raiding yet though. But even 25 man raiding guilds who raid 15 hours a week would be hard pressed to use 2000 flasks after a mere four weeks since the release of Cataclysm. Creating 10,000 flasks would involve serious effort on the part of any guild.

What I find encouraging about this post is that it demonstrates Blizzard's attentiveness to our progression through the content. And not just raid progression, although it could be argued that this issue has an impact on raiding. Even with that, I'm comforted by the fact that the Devs aren't just looking to take things away and/or slow us down in our mad dash to the finish line. In some cases they may actually ease the path for us if their original plan turns out to be too harsh.

Yay :)


  1. Thanks for the update Ms Kaliope. I really look forward to seeing your work. Right now I have a stable of alts that are nearly maxed out in their professions and feeling a bit overloaded with all of the ideas floating around out there. (Miner, herbs,alch,JC,tailor, engin, and scribe) Do you have a method in all of this madness? I guess what I'm trying ask is do you have a routine or priority that you use to decide what to do daily or weekly?

  2. I'm kind of in the same boat in terms of priority overload. I try to do my transmute every day - right now focusing on volatile air. I also do my JC daily as much as I can, although I'm not collecting recipes. I gave up on that after the pricing wars got so obnoxious, now I collect tokens for the Chimera's Eye and use them to make jewelry. Kaliope is at 525 Leatherworking, so I try to spend a day or two each week farming leather for her to make PVP gear or leg armor. My Blacksmith and Alchemist are both closing in on 525. I haven't touched Enchanting or Tailoring, they both seem a bit horrifying at the moment and Engineering is kind of a back burner project.

    I try to evenly divide my time between Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing. I feel like the armor professions are going to fall out of favor pretty quickly once players gear past the crafted goodies, so I'm trying to make my gold now while the gear is still in demand. Engineering and Tailoring are usually not very lucrative so I'm not prioritizing them at all. The Enchanting prices on my server are so terrible, I'm not going there either. I would say my current strategy is to focus on the professions that are making good money at the moment and ignore the ones that are getting slammed. Once materials start to go down to reasonable prices I'll tackle professions that are currently a money sink.

  3. The main issue I was having with flask creation was that, with such a staggering amount of mats (Wrath: 12 Herbs = 2 Flasks; Cata 24 Herbs = 1) I wasn't willing to go to anyone other than an Elixir Master. All my guild alchemists were transmutation, so the credit for flask creation for us was going outside of the guild. :(

  4. Thanks for the tips Kaliope. My LW and BS alts are languishing in the high 60's because with all of the shiny new content, I have little to motivate me to take them through yet another tour of Outlands. Now I wished I had, but that's okay, there's plenty to do for now! I've been doing the gold transmute on my alch each day. May I ask why transmute the volatile air?

    Lvling tailoring was a mistake for me. It was very expensive and nothing really to tailor to sell unless I open up the thread vendor. Then Blizz increased the drop rate on embersilk after I was all done. Oh well, I'll be all the much wiser next XPac.

  5. Faid: I can certainly understand the logic. I assume our small numbers are primarily from folks leveling Alchemy via flasks. Presumably once raiding picks up the flask making will as well. But you may be right about the economics of Transmute spec luring too many people away from the flask market and contributing to this lack of production.

    Io: I've been doing volatile air because A) haven't capped Alchemy yet B) easier to gather materials and C) still profitable without a proc.

    Currently on my realm one Truegold bar sells around the value of the mats. Sure if you proc you get a big windfall, but the mats are steep if you don't proc. I make 300g every day just flipping life to air. If I get a proc that's on top of my daily 300g.

    Since my Alchemist is a level 80 alt that I won't be playing anytime soon, I'm satisfied with the reliable volatile air vs the high stakes gamble with Truegold. However I certainly understand why many prefer the Truegold route and I don't mind at all being in the smaller group of volatile air suppliers. Keeps our prices high ;)

  6. Thanks for the explanation Kali, I managed to crawl my way across the deserts of Tanaris and find Uldum!

  7. I am making truegold on one 80 alchemist for eventual VOTSands. The advantage is a character who needs an inn has some travel each day for uldam

    The 84 is rested enough to not need to log off in an inn so he stays in Uldam.

    Tailoring was horrible to start but the weekly c/d is not bad.

    I find JC to be worthless now; the 346 warring ring dropped from 9000 to 5000 to 3000 to 2400 within two days. I think selling chimera is the most profitable at the moment.

    The transmute spec is not a huge deal - if you are going to make 200 flasks then a couple of hundred gold to change spec twice is not a big % increase considering what flasks cost these days. Although flasks will be cheaper now the faire is over ( I milled over 14000 cinderbloom alone. ugh what a profession )

  8. Kaliope: I'm surprised, I thought I was the only one who preferred Air over Truegold! xD

  9. Hello Kaliope,

    Our GM put a call to our herbalists and alchemists to get us this achieve to go with the level 10 guild reward. After all of us pulled together we got the achieve and decided to sell 1/2 of the flasks we made. Currently they are selling for 200G/per and better. i would think that any guilds close to this achieve can make it a profitable objective as we did. Fortunately we don't have poor or greedy members so selling for the common guild was not an issue.

  10. Re: Transmute vs. Elixer spec - It's worth noting that its very easy to change specs now. Given the amounts involved, it's very worth changing specs for anything you make, especially if you're doing any batching at all (and you should be!).