Justice/Honor Vendor Wares (4.0.6 PTR)

By request I've collected information for you guys on the new Trade Vendors from the Test Realm. There are two of them, one who accepts Justice points and one who accepts Honor points. You can purchase a variety of goods from them including enchanting materials.

Here is the Justice Vendor with his goodies. In case you can't tell, he's standing to the left of the Justice/Valor vendors:

It's interesting to see how Blizzard values trade goods vs how the players (or markets) value them. On the trade vendor one essence is worth 4x as much as one dust. In my power leveling guides I had them weighted in a 1:3 ratio since a greater essence will break into 3 lesser ones. They also have a heavenly shard priced 50% higher than a greater essence. I would have weighted a shard at double the essence value. And one piece of leather appears to be equivalent to 1 embersilk cloth, though I suspect Tailors might not agree with that one. They also seem to be weighting herbs 50% higher than ore, another surprise. I would have thought them to be roughly equal. Notably missing from the vendor are gems and volatiles. I can't say I disagree with that, really. I wouldn't want to rock the boat on those markets either.

And here's a pic of the Honor Point vendor. Pretty much the same wares and same values, just using honor for currency:

Hehe - I'm terribly sorry! I just couldn't resist using this Amazonian boob shot. This guy is having the time of his LIFE =)


  1. Awesome stuff, Kaliope! Any chance you could get a few of those "Satchel of Freshly Picked Herbs" and tell us what's in them? I could see those being pretty good value for your points if you get a decent amount of herbs.

  2. Yah, I'll see what I can do. Not sure my current toons have the points but I can find a toon who does.

  3. What a let down. I was hoping to see Maelstrom Crystals for 4k JPs. =[ (Or less, but you know! :P)

    Thanks for the info, great stuff as always. :D

  4. Oddly this exact sentiment has made its way over to Wow Insider, right down to the 4000 figure for maelstrom crystals... how freaky!

    It appears that our Faid is a genius :)

  5. I honestly believe those numbers will not hold up. The JP/Honor point conversion makes no sense. Maybe it's backwards?

    Right now they are valuing 1hp=2jp and that is laughable. Right now, you can grid about 350 JP an hour, which means that the Ore will take about six hours to get. On the other hand, I can easily grind 500 HP an hour between the RDF and TB, meaning I get the same ore in two hours.

    Of course, I could mine it in 10 minutes but that is not the point.

  6. That's a great point! If the feedback button was active, I'd submit a report on this. This is meant to be a dump for excess points, but I still think it makes sense to have balance between the two currencies.