Tradeskill Specializations MIA

During last year's Blizzcon it was announced that profession specializations would be removed. Even before the Cataclysm Beta ended, I had plans to review specialty recipes and document any changes. I certainly never found anything obvious, but I didn't have time to visit every specialty trainer in the far corners of Classic Azeroth. I've tried to do some poking around on the Live realm with mixed results. However, with everyone rolling new toons (or changing professions on an old toon) I thought I'd try to lay out what I've uncovered so far.

Archaeology Keystones in the Market

Are they worth selling or keeping? Part of this question will be answered by your motivation for working on Archaeology. If you're in it for a specific item, you probably want to hang onto your keystones for that race. Alchemists want the new mount, which means they will covet the Tol'vir keystones. Casters are after the Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan and will hoard Dwarf rune stones. You burly melee-types are drooling over the Zin'Rokh and Troll tablets will be most valuable to you.

Market Idea for Jewelcrafters

I had originally planned to do an Archaeology post today (still in the queue, no worries) but I felt this information was timely enough to trump it. I did a little experiment yesterday with Jewelcrafting. I had stockpiled enough tokens for a new recipe and was not relishing the idea of buying yet another gem cut that was being driven into the dirt. It occurred to me that jewelry might be a better direction to go since I didn't think anyone was making the new stuff yet.

Transmute Living Elements - The Procs

I've been working on the Alchemy transmute for Living Elements in an effort to quantify the procs that Blizzard says are working. During my time in the Beta I used the Living Elements transmute quite a bit and never got a proc. Therefore I assumed the procs were not applicable on this recipe.

On Buying JC Recipes

I think the biggest issue on every Jewelcrafter's mind this week is which recipes to buy. My toon is a few days behind the power-leveling crowd, which puts me at a bigger disadvantage in the market. So I was very motivated to find a way to carve out a workable niche for myself. I know I shared a tweet/post with you guys about steering clear of the red gems. The competition is so fierce there that prices are already falling to WotLK levels on gems that many players can't even socket yet! I consider this quite unappealing for items that we just unlocked mere days ago.

Tips for Cataclysm Gathering

I don't know about you guys, but I've been farming my butt off this first week! Lots of ore for my jewelcrafter, some herbs for my Alchemist and a ton of leather for Kaliope. I've also been collecting some general information and tips that I can share with you guys :)

Hotfixes - INC!

Well we've been through our first week of the Cataclysm and many of us have been quite busy with our professions. Blizzard has been quite busy too with a slew of hotfixes coming out every day or two. I'm actaully a bit disappointed because many of these items were reported in the Beta.

There are times when I think the secretive nature of Blizzard's communication with us is actually detrimental. Transmute: Living Elements is an excellent example of this. Who knew that you could do the transmute in specific locations to control the results? This would have been very useful to know in the Beta - I could have tested this and made sure it was working. Elune knows I was using it often enough! However, because that tidbit was not shared with the community, the recipe went out buggy. The hotfix post also claims that this recipe is affected by transmute procs, but I never saw evidence of such in Beta. Had I known it was supposed to proc, I would have reported my lack of them. I think I did submit a comment on it, but I would have tested that more rigorously than I did.

Realm First Brag Board

I want you guys to know how excited I am for everyone who's gotten their Realm Firsts! It has been such an amazing few days for me to be a part of everyone's special moment. The fact that so many of you came back here and posted your stories really made all the work putting this together worthwhile. I'm humbled by everyone who took time out of their big moment of glory to stop by and share their achievement with us.

Cataclysm Mega List - One Stop Shopping!

Cataclysm is going LIVE tonight at midnight and I'm sure we're all excited for the big day! We've talked about a lot of topics over the past few months and we've gotten a lot of new information. We've also had some new folks join us who may have missed out on some of the articles. So this post is going to run down ALL of the important posts and charts I've done from the Beta.

Once Cataclysm is up and running, you can go straight to this page to find answers to any questions you might have.

Cataclysm Noob Guide - answers basic questions about Cataclysm.
Cataclysm Gathering Chart - tells what herbs/ore are found in which Cataclysm zone
Cataclysm World Maps - screenshots of the new zone maps

Archaeology Guide - explains how Archaeology works

Herbalism 450-525 - tips on leveling Herbalism
Mining 450-525 - tips on leveling Mining

Cooking 450-525 - leveling guide for Cooking
First Aid 450-525 - leveling guide for First Aid

Illustrious Tradeskill Leveling Guides

Alchemy 450-525 - leveling guide for Alchemy
Blacksmithing 450-510 - leveling guide for Blacksmithing
Enchanting 450-525 - leveling guide for Enchanters
Engineering 425-525 - leveling guide for Engineers
Inscription 450-525 - leveling guide for Scribes
Jewelcrafting 450-525 - leveling guide for Jewelcrafting
Leatherworking 450-525 - leveling guide for Leatherworkers
Tailoring 450-525 - leveling guide for Tailors

"Classic" Power Leveling Guides (1-300)


Download TradeTrak @ Curse or WoWInterface for an in-game version of our recipe database!

Archaeology Goodies in Action

I've had these pictures laying around for about a month now, with the intent that I would share them when I had a lull in posts. Well that didn't happen so I'm just going to throw this up now for you guys to enjoy on your last day of boredom. These are screenshots I took of the various Archaeology gizmos I discovered while leveling on Kaliope.

Here's me on the raptor mount!

Here's the Innkeeper's Daughter, she follows you around like a pet for a few minutes.

This is the Highborne Soul Mirror in action

Inscription Vendor Wares in Highbank/Dragonmaw Port

I just found this image in my Beta screenshot directory and thought you Scribes out there might be interested in it:

This shows the inventory of the gal who sells components for the last 10 skill points when leveling Inscription. They are used in the iLevel 346-359 relics made by Scribes and as far as I know are only found on this vendor. As you can see they aren't cheap. I'm not sure if there's a faction discount either, I didn't take note of what group was controlling the town. The items when I checked them were not bound in any way and could be freely traded. That may not remain the case when Cataclysm launches. If it does, I suspect players who level sooner will start selling them on the auctions at a mark-up to other players who don't want to play their Scribe. This vendor will end up being perpetually camped if that situation occurs, so be prepared to deal with frequent outages here and plan accordingly.

TradeTrak updated for Cataclysm!

We've been working hard to get a new version of TradeTrak ready in time for Cataclysm. Blizzard was kind enough to make significant changes to the user interface, which completely hosed up our mod. Some of you may already have witnessed these problems in our last version, which has been broken since the 4.01 patch. Luckily we've been able to rewrite those sections and just squashed our last bug this morning. I'm happy to report that a new version of TradeTrak is available now at WoWInterface & Curse:

TradeTrak 1.07 @ WoWInterface

TradeTrak 1.07 @ Curse

New Gamer Study LF Volunteers

I got an email yesterday asking for help in publicizing a new study focusing on WoW players. I checked out their web site and they claim to be focusing on gaming as a way of dealing with stress. Assuming this is accurate, it would be nice to see more positive depictions of the gaming community in the media. You guys can make up your own mind, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it since it appears to be legit from my cursory check. Here's the blurb they sent me:

Kaliope Guests on Call to Auction

Recently I was invited by Euripides and Big Jim of the Call to Auction podcast to participate in their show. I'm always tickled when people are interested in talking to me about Crafter's Tome. It feels like we have a small niche community here, so it's fun when other peeps notice us :)

The podcast is up on iTunes and also on their site, you can find the info in their latest post. Assuming of course that you're interesting in listening to me babble about professions, lol!

Call to Auction: Episode 23


My Thoughts on Cataclysm Preparation

Today we had a comment on the blog asking for tips on what to do to benefit from the Cataclysm transition. I think the most important thing you can do is arm yourself with information and I've been posting everything I've learned in Beta to help you guys achieve that. Part of the transition process depends on your goals. If you're attempting a Realm First, you should be snatching up cheap WotLK materials for early skill points. If you're planning to power level a gathering profession, you need to clean out your bags/bank and get your gathering bonuses set up. Hopefully you're also staking out zones and perhaps even doing dry runs of the routes to prepare for the big day.