New Archaeology Loots (BETA)

Normally I wouldn't bother making a whole post for this kind of thing, but it appears that one of the epic items I unlocked tonight isn't showing up on MMO-Champion or Wowhead. To be completely fair the spell is showing up, just not the item. But I don't think most of us care so much about the flavor text as we do the item itself. So here's the Vrykul item I discovered:

Experience gains through Archaeology (BETA)

Last night we got a new build on the Beta servers and the nerf I predicted to Archaeology experience was part of the changes. Prior to the change, here is the experience I was getting on my druid:

Further Adventures in Archaeology (Beta Edition)

I've been plugging along this past week with Archaeology and I wanted to share my findings so far. At this point I'm sitting at 350, so I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on how it works. Obviously these things can change before the expansion launches and sometimes do. Let's just call this a compilation of information and tips that may be useful to future Archaeologists.

Archaeology 2.0 -> Updated from Cataclysm Beta

Last night a new build went up on the Beta servers and with it some changes to Archaelogy's mechanics. If you haven't already read my first post on Archaeology, you can read it here to refresh your memory about how it worked previously. Overall the new changes are positive and welcome modifications that I think will increase the appeal of the profession. It looks like they've attempted to address some of the downsides that were starting to create a negative vibe with beta testers.

Crafter's Tome Updated with Smithing, Alchemy & Cooking

You may not have noticed it, but last night we posted a bunch of the new recipes to our web site. All of the currently known Cooking, Alchemy and Blacksmithing recipes are now showing up in the recipe tables. We've added a "Cataclysm" filter under the Expansion tab so you can filter the new recipes by their expansion.

Unfortunately it's not all wine and roses. Wowhead's tooltip program is not recognizing the Cataclysm item numbers, so all the mouseover pop-ups are broken. Our attempts to come up with a hack were unsuccessful, so we're stuck with it for now. Also, the ingredients are missing in Cooking because most of them are still undiscovered in the Wowhead database. You may also notice numerous recycled icons for various items. This is because most of the item artwork isn't implemented yet, I assure you we see the same icons in the beta itself!

I hope these new lists are helpful to some of you despite the wrinkles. I need to start getting them online regardless, so we'll all just have to deal with the warts for now :)

The Cataclysm Mining Report

One of the ideas we talked about this summer was powerleveling mining in Cataclysm. In my guest post on Just My Two Copper, I recommended that crafters level up their gathering skills on the first day or so. Whether you then sell your wares to others or use them to quickly level another trade is up to you. The plan being that you'll be selling the materials that are in high demand by other crafters or the leveling gear sorely needed by power levelers. Either way you win :)

But in the Beta I discovered that access to Deepholm was by level-restricted portal only, which seemed to derail my power-leveling recommendation. I'm happy to report that this is not the case as of this writing (these things are always subject to change). Yesterday I leveled mining all the way to 525 on my level 82 rogue. I bypassed Deepholm completely and went straight from Mount Hyjal to Twilight Highlands to hit the Mining cap. Since the Highlands are right next to Loch Modan, anyone can get there via flying mount. I had no problem getting around and aggro was minimal.

Just to confirm the finding, I recruited a level 80 death knight to run through the same routes this afternoon. She was able to easily level mining to 525 with only a few aggro attacks. I didn't personally handle this task, but my recruit estimates that she spent about an hour on the process which included a bit of "piddling around". I assume she means exploring and that no actual puddles were created.

So there you have it, it's still possible to level Mining quickly for those who want to get a jump on the competition when Cataclysm is Released. If you have any other Mining questions, feel free to leave them in the Comments!

Cataclysm Leatherworking Recipes from the Beta Realm


For a current list of Cataclysm Leatherworking recipes, GO HERE and choose "Cataclysm" on the Expansion tab.

For a leveling guide for Cataclysm Leatherworking, GO HERE

I'm so glad to see Leatherworking recipes finally showing up since my main is a Leatherworker. I was able to snapshot a whole bunch of recipes from the trainer, but there are even more that I didn't nab. There's another two dozen recipes showing up as skill level 530. I decided to leave those for now since that is clearly not official. Perhaps later this week when I have more free time I'll go ahead and post them up, but for now we have plenty to gawk at with the attainable recipes :)

Cataclysm Inscription Recipes from the Beta Realm

Inscription is now available on the Beta realms and there is some interesting stuff going on here. Of course, we've got the usual scrolls, off-hand books and cards, but glyphs are Gone Baby Gone. I guess Blizzard feels we have enough glyphs and I can't say I blame them on that. However, it looks like we've inherited a few new items instead.

Cataclysm Enchanting Recipes from the Beta Realm

Enchanting isn't exactly functional on the Beta realms as the Illustrious training level isn't implemented yet. However, I can still view recipes on the trainer so I collected them up for you guys. Here are the recipes currently listed on trainers for Cata level Enchanting. Once again.. big, long list of images cuz I'm not spending 5 hours making a pretty table for ya :P

Cataclysm Blacksmithing Recipes from the Beta Realm

Those of you who are following my tweets (and/or Facebook wall) may have seen that a BUNCH of professions were activated in the Cataclysm Beta Thursday night. This includes Smithing, Alchemy, Tailoring and Leatherworking. I'll be putting up posts for all of them as soon as I can get it done, but for now here's what's been implemented for Blacksmithing. I apologize in advance to anyone who has trouble loading this page, I'm just dumping all the screenshots into the post!

First Look at Archaeology

Archaeology was activated in yesterday's Beta build, so today I spent some time trying it out. At this point I've leveled it to 100 skill and I've spent a pretty good chunk of time with it. So far it's an interesting profession and the implementation is pretty different. When you visit the trainer you learn the Survey ability, which allows you to track artifacts. This is not tracking like you use on the mini-map, it's more like triangulating hotspots.

A Sneak Peak at Unraveling for Tailors

Tailoring enthusiasts may already be aware of a new ability coming in Cataclysm called Unravel. This ability allows Tailors to "extract the elements of fire and water" from a stack of Embersilk cloth. On the surface this sounds great, and maybe even a bit overpowered. Based on what I'm seeing in the beta so far, you'll be unable to level Tailoring without it. The recipes that have been mined so far require a large amount of volatile elements, as much as five times higher than needed for Leatherworking or Blacksmithing. Of course, this information isn't final. But assuming it's in the ballpark, it portends a tough road for Tailors. Especially since many of you are Enchanters, which means your companion profession won't help at all.

Cataclysm Fishing Mini-Preview

After a whole day of downtime, the Beta Realms are back online with lots of new content. Sadly most of it is not profession related :( But I did find that Illustrious Fishing is trainable now, so I went ahead and trained it. And I was indeed able to fish and get skill points. Previously I was only getting skill points for doing the daily Fishing quest in Stormwind.