Sneak Peek at Cataclysm First Aid

Last Friday we got our first two Illustrious professions activated in the Beta. I've already previewed the new Cooking recipes, so today I wanted to actually tackle some leveling in First Aid. I think we can all agree that First Aid isn't terribly exciting, but we all need and use it. In WotLK it was a bit of a challenge to level up, due to the low drop rate of frostweave in the early zones of Northrend. Because of this I definitely wanted to scope out First Aid and see what challenges we might run into.

Fun Screenie from Beta

This isn't profession related at all, but I took this screenshot of the troll Druid trainer in Orgrimmar that I thought you guys would enjoy:

He looks like he just woke up from a wild night of revelry!

More Jewelcrafting Recipes in Cataclysm

Yesterday on the test realm I saw a couple of people posting uncommon Jewelcrafting recipes in trade chat. I mentioned it to my guild and one of them said he had looted four different recipes while questing in Deepholm. Unfortunately he had already deleted them by the time we had this conversation, because the toon that looted them was not a Jewelcrafter. The recipes are Bind on Pickup, so you can't sell them.

Cataclysm First Aid Recipes from the Beta Realm

First Aid is the other tradeskill that has been added to the newest patch in the Cataclysm Beta. There's not a ton of new recipes here, but I still think they're interesting. First, you can see that unlocking the newest level of First Aid is 60g. Cooking is only 40g for the same level of training. This could be normalized later, but honestly I don't think it's unreasonable to charge more for First Aid. It's a more vital skill AND it has lower overall costs. Training for the bandage recipes themselves is quite reasonable.

Cataclysm Cooking Recipes from the Beta Realm


For a current list of Cooking recipes GO HERE and select "Cataclysm" on the Expansion tab.

For current information on Cooking Dailies GO HERE

The latest beta build that went up tonight had Cooking recipes available - woohoo! I happily made dozens of screenshots for you guys. It looks like a really good selection of recipes. I would guess that these are most if not all of the Cooking recipes that will be learned from the trainer. Here are the details for the new recipes:

Herb Changes in Cataclysm

I mentioned in my tweets today that I found some herb changes in the Beta. I've been keeping an eye on the situation for a few weeks now and it looks like things are finally sorted out. Near as I can tell, Plaguebloom has been removed. I was unable to locate any spawns in the vanilla zones. The recipes that used it are now using Sorrowmoss. Just this week I located sorrowmoss in the Swamp of Sorrows. Here's an image I made of the new versions of these recipes:

Jewelcrafting Drop Recipe Preview

I mentioned in one of my tweets last week that I had looted a Jewelcrafting recipe. I was also lucky enough to find a couple on the Auction House for a reasonable price, so I scooped those up as well. There's not a whole lot worth sharing, but since beta news is a bit lacking this past week I thought I'd go ahead and post them for you.

Guest Post on Just My Two Copper

Markco from JMTC just put up the post I wrote for his blog Carnival. Even though I sent the article a bit late, he was very sweet to use it anyway :) The login servers for the Beta are messed up, so I'm not getting much done today. But you can read my post and some of the other Carnival offerings to pass the time...

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Daily Fishing Quests for Cataclysm

Over the past week I've been keeping an eye on the rotation of daily Fishing quests being offered in Stormwind. I hope I've finally seen them all, or enough to go ahead and share what I've found. Bear in mind that profession training is still broken on the Beta servers, so I cannot actually try these quests.